September 14, 2022

Staff Favorites

Mike showcases the new Aeronaut 30 for the team

A common question we get from visitors in the showroom is “What’s your favorite bag?” The truth is that’s a pretty difficult question to answer. For TOM BIHN staffers, their “favorite bag” can easily change depending on the weather, their mood, or where they’re headed! 

That being said, we got a few members of the team to pass on some of their favorites and why they love them. Enjoy!

Matthew - Documentation Lead

“My favorite bag is the Pilot! It’s the perfect EDC size for me and I’m a big fan of the amount and layout of the organization. It doesn’t get in the way when I’m bussing and just going about my life and it carries everything I want it to with the smallest footprint possible.” - Matthew, Documentation Lead 

Kat - Customer Service

“My top TOM BIHN bag is the Maker’s Bag – to me, it’s the perfect slouchy, casual bag for day-to-day use. The main compartment is open enough to store notebooks, a small lunch, or a sweater when I need the space, but it conforms to my hip more when not fully stuffed. Plenty of pockets are available for other little everyday items like pens, hand sanitizer, a water bottle, etc. The flap also makes it easy to get things in and out of the bag – I don’t even have to open the bag to get to my house keys – pretty handy! :)” - Kat, Customer Service

Mike - Operations Manager

Synapse 19, FTW! Perfect size for day-to-day use, and perfectly organized just the way it is. I love knowing exactly where everything is in my bag, just when I need it.” - Mike, Operations Manager

Maia - Social Media Coordinator

My favorite bag is the Organic Cotton Truck! I love this bag so much that I grabbed a duplicate during our bag raffle. I have a giant collection of tote bags and this one is the best of the best. The fact that it stands on its own makes it super easy to pack for any occasion and the three separate compartments help keep my supplies organized. I take it everywhere – work, the Farmer’s Market, or when I’m just out exploring. I’m hoping to get the Talus and Santa Cruz colors soon! :)” - Maia, Social Media Coordinator

Cody - Customer Service

Pilot! It’s the perfect gaming bag, holding everything I need for D&D nights. When I’m ready to finally travel again it’ll be awesome on the plane, holding books, snacks, a Switch – all the essentials!!” - Cody, Customer Service

Cindy - CEO

Techonaut 30! It’s the perfect travel bag on its own or as an accompaniment for a roller suitcase. The separate laptop compartment is a non-negotiable for me when traveling. The big U-shape main compartment lets me pack in an organized manner with packing cubes if I want to, or just throw everything in if I’m in a rush. The back panel is so cushy and comfy, and it slides over my roller suitcases super smoothly. It has made traveling a breeze.” - Cindy, CEO

Kim - Director of Administration
Small Cafe Bag – I use it daily! It fits all the essentials I need on the go. It isn’t too big or too small, and I like the crossbody adjustable strap. The back pocket provided easy access to items like my phone and grocery list (Yes, I am old school!). :) I also love the Large Shop Bag - It’s perfect for my grocery run. It will fit a lot more things than you would think when organized well. It's lightweight, but heavy duty. The handle is easy on the shoulder, especially when carrying heavy groceries!” - Kim, Director of Administration


Tia - September 21, 2022

I would love to know what bags are the favorites of the seamstresses!

Tim - September 19, 2022

It’s always good to hear from those on the inside. I’m a huge Tom bihn fan. I got my synik 22 a year ago and just got a MCB for everyday and a tristar for my upcoming trip.

G42 - September 15, 2022

Nice to hear some of the current favorites!
Please do another round from more of the Crew… And maybe some pics of their pack outs 😉

Cheri - September 14, 2022

I am a Tom Bihn newbie- still window shopping really. I think this “staff picks” article is really going to help me when I am ready to buy! Please do this with some customer favorites too!!

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