July 15, 2013

The Cache and the Rails System explained


Wondering what's up with the webbing "rails" and Gatekeeper Clips on the back of your new Cache?

They're a design update that allows you to secure your Cache inside of some of our larger bags, turning them effectively into convenient and checkpoint friendly laptop bag solutions.

The following bags currently have the webbing loops that allow you to attach the Cache via the rails system: Synapse 25, Synapse 19, Smart Alec, Cadet, Founder's Briefcase, Tri-Star and Brain Bag.

Here's how it works: on the back (or bottom, depending how you look at it) of your Cache are two parallel "rails" of 1" wide, lightweight nylon webbing which extend from the top to the bottom.

Included with your Cache are what we call "Gatekeeper Clips". (If you ordered your Cache before we included Gatekeeper Clips with the Cache, it's necessary to order a pair from our Parts page should you choose to secure the Cache inside one of our larger bags via the rails system.)

Here's how to operate the Gatekeeper Clips:
Squeeze the black part of the Gatekeeper Rail Clip together and flip up the rectangular metal bar to unlock the clip. Slip the open clip through the ribbon on the back of the Cache and flip the metal bar shut over the top of the clip. Repeat for the other side. Repeat the same process of opening and closing the Gatekeeper Rail Clip to attach it to the Rail Loops in your bigger bag. Slip the Cache inside the bigger bag, and pull it back out: you'll see that the Gatekeeper Rail Clips ride the rails of the Cache, allowing you to remove your laptop from your bigger bag entirely while it is still encased in the protective Cache.


Dana - April 17, 2023

Any ideas to shorten the gate keepers in order to raise the bottom of the cache higher up in the bag? I know this will shorter the extent to which the cache can be slid out of the bag itself but a trade off I am willing to make. I was thinking of using silk clips instead of the gate keepers. Thoughts?
TOM BIHN replied:
Hi Dana! Using a shorter clip would likely help bring the Cache up a bit more in the bag—we’d probably recommend using our Single Gatekeeper Clips ( https://www.tombihn.com/products/parts?variant=16645154119 ). Those would work with the webbing loops that the Cache Rail Clips normally use, but would be significantly shorter to help keep the Cache higher in your bag.

Duggie - March 30, 2023

Just sent an email to CS with my initial gripes, I’ve overcome the issue with the QR code and blog link leading to a page that never loads. A Google search turned up the correct page.

Love the quality of my new brain bag, but it needs some padding in the base. With a 15” MBP in the cache on the rails, it hits the ground when placed back in the bag – not the sound I want or expect!

Eli - February 17, 2022

How can you use two caches in the same bag?
TOM BIHN replied:
Hi Eli! You can use one cache per set of rail loops and the Synapses have
two sets of loops – one on front, one on back!

Eli - February 16, 2022

Synapse 25: My cache is perfect for carrying a Macbook Pro, but I’d like to add an iPad Pro to my daily carry. Should I just use a larger cache (both devices in the same cache) or should/can I have two caches in the same pack?
TOM BIHN replied:
Hi Eli! I’d personally do it but for the best protection, it’s best in two

Thom Goodsell - November 27, 2021

You’ve had this system for long enough now that I take it for granted. But flying several weeks ago a TSA Agent (of all people) told me how cool they thought it was.
TOM BIHN replied:
That’s cool!

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