May 28, 2024

Q&A with Edelmira

Q&A with Edelmira

Edelmira dedicated 12 years to TOM BIHN as a Senior QA and Floor/Preassembly Professional before retiring in 2022. Her passion for the company brought her back in 2023, and we couldn’t be happier to have her return. As a long-standing crew member and an invaluable part of the TOM BIHN family, it’s only fitting that we celebrate her “retirement from retirement” with another TOM BIHN Q&A! 

Edelmira hard at work on a batch of bags

What do you do at TOM BIHN?

I started working at TOM BIHN in 2011. I am part of the production crew and do many different tasks, such as quality assurance and preassembly. 


You retired in 2022 but decided to come back in 2023. Why?

Because I like the work that I do here. I like collaborating with different people and working together on different ideas. I retired for one year because I had shoulder pain, so I went to Mexico for one year to relax, and decided to come back to work at TOM BIHN after.


What did you do before working at TOM BIHN?

I used to make sushi. Not at a restaurant, but the ones you get at the store that’s ready for purchase.


Are you working on a project outside of TOM BIHN?

I’m working on finishing my house in Mexico right now. Other than that, I like to do work around my house.


Do you have a favorite TOM BIHN bag?

Well, I like all of the bags, but my favorite ones are the smaller crossbody bags. I really like the Everyday Cubelet


If you could design a bag, what would you create?

I would create a big bag with wheels. When I go to Mexico, I like to carry a big bag that holds all my purchases, but it’s so heavy that I can’t carry it. So I would create a big bag with wheels.


Tell us more about your family…

I am a grandma and take care of my 4 grandchildren. The oldest son works in the apartments in Seattle, the second oldest works in the hospital, and my youngest granddaughter works for the city and is in school. My other grandson is still working down in Mexico.  


Is there a life motto you go by?

Respect everyone, work hard, and do good things, always. I’m a granny already, and I raised my four grandchildren by those mottos. I tell them to live by those mottos. 



Robert - June 18, 2024

Happy to hear that Edelmira is back. The cubelet is also one of my favorites, too. You folks do such fine work. Ours is ursa. I can just squeeze in a raincoat and a small (16 oz) REI nalgene bottle.

Rob Raz - June 13, 2024

I like to think kind people like Edelmira have worked on my bags… Makes me more happier to carry them.

Mr B - May 31, 2024

Fantastic. Lovely reading your story Edelmira. Bless you.

Roy Caballero - May 30, 2024

Que orgullo tener una persona como usted que trabaja para mejorar su familia y al mismo tiempo ser parte de una organisacion que valora a sus trabajadores que Dios la bendiga y arriba Mexico.

Mariluz Villa - May 30, 2024

Felicitaciones, Edelmira, y muchísimas gracias por su trabajo. Me encantan las bolsas de Tom Bihn, y voy a ordenar una de sus favoritas (Everyday Cubelet) en mi color favorito – rojo. ¡Que disfrute de su casa en Mexico!

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