June 18, 2013

Photos: Little Swift in Cork after 3+ years of steady use

TOM BIHN Little Swift in Cork

Our Cork fabric is a natural material. It's made from real bark from cork trees that grow on the Iberian Peninsula and it has a life and an aging process of its own, not unlike leather. Over the years, the color of cork fabric will deepen in some areas and lighten in others; natural creases will appear, especially if the bag is folded; and an uneven texture, similar to the surface of tree bark, may develop. Even some minor flaking of bark can be expected.

Below are photos of a Little Swift in Cork that's been in regular use for the past 3+ years.

TOM BIHN Little Swift in Cork

TOM BIHN Little Swift in Cork

Little Swift in Cork

Little Swift in Cork

Notice the natural creasing and wrinkling apparent in these photos, the well-earned marks of character.

Bags available in Cork:
Little Swift
Swift in Cork
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