July 26, 2021

Night Walk 400d Halcyon

Night Walk 400d Halcyon

Photo: from left to right, that's Acuity 200d, Night Walk 400d, and Taiga 400d.

Night Walk is our latest color of 400d Halcyon. It was inspired by watching the evening sky progress from dusk to dark. It's a paradox of a blue: depending on the lighting, it can appear almost like a slate-grey or a dark navy, or even a very dark Fjord (a former 200d Halcyon color.)

It's debuting in our Techonaut 30 and Techonaut 45 travel bags and will slowly make its way to our various other designs. Next up: Synapse 25, Synik 30, LGD, and Synik 22. After that, you'll see it in the Side Kick and Side Effect. And after that, it'll be available in various other bags — pretty much any bag that's offered in 400d Halcyon will be offered in Night Walk. 

We look forward to seeing your photos of Night Walk bags out in the wild: you often capture our colors in a way that we don't. In the meantime, here's some photos of Night Walk that we took in different indoor and outdoor light.


Left to right: Taiga 400d, Taiga 200d, Acuity 200d, Tidal 200d, Night Walk 400d

 Left to right: Taiga 400d, Taiga 200d, Acuity 200d, Tidal 200d, Night Walk 400d

Taiga 400d and Night Walk 400d side-by-side
Taiga 400d and Night Walk
Close-up of Night Walk 400d
Close-up of Night Walk 400d
Night Walk 400d draped over a sewing machine table here at the factory/headquarters
Night Walk 400d draped over a sewing machine table here at the factory/headquarters.
Night Walk 400d in under natural light outdoors.
Night Walk 400d outdoors in nature.


Mark - April 6, 2023

will there be more Night Walk SYNIK 30
TOM BIHN replied:
Hi Mark! Night Walk (along with all of our other external 400D Halcyon) is now out of production, since the factory that makes that fabric shut down in early 2022. We’ve used most of the last of our reserves up at this time, so it’s unlikely we’ll be making any new batches of Night Walk Synik 30s—you might keep your eyes out for any unused returns that we’re able to put up on the site though. :)

Piave - October 13, 2021

I would love to see the everyday cubelet in nightwalk!
TOM BIHN replied:
I don’t believe we’ve offered 400d Everyday Cubelets, but I’ll note this request in our project management app :)

Vicki - August 7, 2021

Sleek and classy, James Bond-ish. Tidal would go beautifully but I wonder how Wasabi or UV would look.

Jenna - July 30, 2021

Yes! Thank you so much for adding such a glorious and unique halcyon color! Halcyon has always been my hands down favorite fabric-I love the grid, and the sleekness of the material. A Synapse 25 in Night Walk with Tidal would be Ahhhh-mazing! So so lovely!

Vicki HARRIS - July 29, 2021


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