November 30, 2015

Introducing The Moveable Feast

The Moveable Feast Grocery Bag | TOM BIHN

Transporting groceries should be as easy as chucking everything in a bag, right? Yet, your bananas get beaten up by glass bottles, and none of the boxed items seem to fit well amongst the mountains of broccoli and kale you’ve been told are good and good for you. Somehow, your kiwis always manage to get squished as you root around for that elusive chocolate bar. And all of this happens before you’ve even gotten your food to the car.

The reason for this is simple: the average disposable (or nearly disposable) shopping bag is a chaotic void that has zero regard for the fragility of food items, or—we’re sometimes tempted to add—the laws of physics. Tom decided to redesign the humble grocery sack from the bottom up, and the result is the Moveable Feast: a burly bag in 1050 D ballistic nylon that’s strong and durable, with a veritable smörgåsbord of organizational features that will restore tranquility and order to your next shopping expedition.

The Moveable Feast has three compartments: boxes of dry goods fit well in the center, and in the side compartments you’ll find a good home for cartons of milk, canned goods, and so on. Two outer pockets are perfect for your shopping list, frequent shopper cards, or the aforementioned chocolate bar. Three strategically-placed O-ring tether points give you a place to tether an Organizer Pouch or Clear Organizer Wallet. Poron™ padded handles make the Moveable Feast comfortable to tote around the market or on your stroll home.

Other details make the Moveable Feast a clever shopping companion: it has stretchable mesh sleeves that can hold your wine bottle or baguette, a scabbard-shaped pocket for a bouquet of flowers, and a special fold-down shelf that gives you a safe place to nestle your tomatoes, peaches, or anything else you want to keep safe. These extra pockets and shelves are labeled with little graphics that remind you (or the bagger) of what goes where, and all collapse out of the way if you don’t need them.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself reaching for the Moveable Feast the next time you head on a picnic or to a concert in the park. It’s also great for transporting your contributions to a potluck or your vacation rental. And we’re sure you’ll discover many non-food related uses for it, too.

The Moveable Feast Grocery Bag | TOM BIHN

The Moveable Feast Grocery Bag | TOM BIHN

The Moveable Feast Grocery Bag | TOM BIHN

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