December 29, 2021

New color alert! Moab 200d Halcyon

The Everyday Cubelet in Moab 200d Halcyon fabric, a deep reddish-brown color with a white grid pattern.

You’re at your campsite somewhere in the desert of the Southwest. It’s late evening and the clear sky is dark blue — the moon is full, the stars are out. You’re looking up at a sandstone cliff and it looks different than it did in the daylight... it's unreservedly deeper, richer, more red, appearing as it does in the almost-dark.

That was the inspiration behind our new Moab 200d Halcyon.

This color is something of a departure for us. As you can see, most of our Halcyon colors are rich, saturated, bright, cheerful. Moab, on the other hand, is deep, rich, grounding — it’s not brown, not red, it’s the color of cliffs in the desert night.

It pairs well with most of our exterior colors, offering an option that can slip its way into the palette of most collections.

Like many of our colors, it was custom-dyed just for us. And, like many of our colors, it appears different in different lighting conditions — when we receive a “lab dip” color from our mill, they give us three swatches to choose from, each a very very slight variation of our original request. With Moab, we looked at the swatches under the bright factory lights, outdoors on sunny and cloudy days, and at night under the moon, eventually picking the just-right swatch. The differences were subtle, and some may say they weren’t all that much of a difference, but to us they were: the swatch we chose had just a little bit more red than the others.

Moab won’t be everyone’s color: we didn’t intend it to be. If it is the color for you, you’ll know it, and if it’s not, you’ll know that too.

Moab 200d Halcyon will debut in the following bags as part of our upcoming 1/7 Restock:

Synik 30
Synik 22
Side Kick
Side Effect
Everyday Cubelet

And it'll be offered in more and more bags over time. Wondering when Moab might be available in a specific design? Feel free to post a comment and ask (you'll be notified via email once we respond!)



Beth - December 29, 2021

Wow…Moab is gorgeous! Cannot wait to add it to my collection.
TOM BIHN replied:
Glad it speaks to you! Some folks here at the factory love it (and how different it is than what we usually offer) and others are more meh, give me a color like Acuity instead!

Karen - December 29, 2021

How about the Synapse 19? I’m imagining this will look good against Black or Nebulous Grey!
TOM BIHN replied:
Absolutely: next batch of S19s will have Moab lining option(s). We too think it looks great with Black and Nebulous Grey.

Julia - December 29, 2021

bring back the 3doc all fabric! otherwise, would adore it as a cubelet, pcbp, passport pouch, minimalist wallet. would love to see coyote/moab.
TOM BIHN replied:
That could happen in 2022 :) We’ll see!

Geoff Briggs - December 29, 2021

I’d love to see this color offered for the Paragon. Cheers.
TOM BIHN replied:

Ann Marie - December 29, 2021

Will Moab be available anytime soon in the large zip-top shop bags?!!
TOM BIHN replied:
I’m afraid not: the Shop Bags use quite a lot of Halcyon per bag, and while the Halcyon shortage of 2021 has resolved itself, we are still being cautious with our supply just in case there’s future supplier-side slowdowns or port delays.

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