September 6, 2016

Scenes From Hut-To-Hut Hiking

Spend the entire flight gazing out the window

Kristian is the photographer behind the shots of our new Hero's Journey backpack. Most of the photos were taken on hut-to-hut hiking trips in Norway and Switzerland; this essay features additional photos from those trips. - TB Crew

Spend the entire flight gazing out the window
This is the moment. You’ve spent weeks and months researching your trip. You’ve packed your backpack more than once. You’re finally on your way. Am I the only one who spends the entire flight gazing out the window?

Trains in Germany
Since I can’t bring gas for the stove on the plane I went shopping for gas, food and other supplies in Konstanz, Germany. Both the roads and train network is highly efficient and it’s easy to get around to wherever you want.

Coffee for the adventure
A cup of coffee and off we go!

First stop, Seealpsee! If you listen closely you can hear the ambient sounds of cowbells and distant waterfalls. It’s such a tranquil experience to walk down these trails.

Lake Seealpsee
Making my way around the lake Seealpsee.

Goat herding in the Alpstein massif
Better step aside and let the goat train pass! It’s spring, and this family were herding their goats up into higher altitudes in the Alpstein massif.

View of Lake Lucerne from a hiking hut
New day, new hut. This is the view of Lake Lucerne taken from the trail up to the Lidernen-hütte.

Lidernen-hütte with Lake Lucerne in the background
Lidernen-hütte with Lake Lucerne in the background. I learnt that this hut is also quite popular during winter for backcountry ski touring. I might have to come back!

At 1.727 meters (5.666 feet) above sea level the Lidernen-hütte is easily accessible in early spring. Everything above 6.500 feet (about 2.000 meters) is more challenging in early spring (May/June) as parts of the trail might still be covered in snow. Juli and August are high summer and a great time to visit, but I’ve heard the that the fall (September/October) is perhaps the best time to visit. Altough it’s a bit more chilly there’s a lot less haze and the views are even more spectacular.

Inside the Lidernen-hütte
View from inside the Lidernen-hütte. The two knots on the left must have been good ones.

Of all the places the Kröntenhütte was by far my favourite. After a 2-3 hour walk through rain and fog I arrived at the Kröntenhütte, and as if someone hit a switch the skies opened up, revealing the impressive 10,000 foot peaks surrounding the newly renovated hut.

Eating rosti
After a hike there is nothing like trying out what many Swiss people consider their national dish. It’s called rösti and it’s made of grated and fried potatoes, here served with bacon and eggs.

waterfalls near Kröntenhütte
A waterfall seen on the way down from the Kröntenhütte. A small hydro plant next to the hut utilizes the natural forces of this river and provide the hut with all it’s electricity needs year round.

network of hiking trails in the Alps
The network of hiking trails in the Alps is nothing but impressive, and thankfully the signalization is equally as impressive. The trails have signposts indicating direction, name of destinations, hours left and trail type. White-red-white means it’s a mountain trail, which partly access difficult terrain.

mountain trails
Mountain trails can give you some magnificent views.

sun is up in the mountains
The sun is up. It’s a new day. Where will you go next?


Kristian Pletten is a photographer and adventurer from Bergen, Norway. When he’s not eating rösti in the Swiss alps he spends his time on his 25 feet sailboat which he plans to sail north along the Norwegian coast this fall. You can follow him on Instagram @kristianpletten or Facebook.

Kristian Pletten | Scenes From Hut-To-Hut Hiking | TOM BIHN

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