November 20, 2023

Holiday Debut 2023: Everything you need to know | November 27, 2023 at 7am PST

Holiday Debut 2023: Everything you need to know | November 27, 2023 at 7am PST

Our holiday debut is on November 27, 2023 (aka Cyber Monday for those who celebrate) at 7am PST.

Read along to find out everything you need to know about the debut. Still have questions after reading the blog? Ask them away in the comments section below.

This year, we are excited to debut three bags, a new set of cord zipper pulls, and as per tradition, a restock of Tom's Firewood Carrier.


Rogue Sacoche

Interior shot of Rogue Sacoche in Acai 200D Halcyon

First up is a new design: the Rogue Sacoche is our take on the popular minimalist style crossbody bag. Ultralight and packs flat when it’s not in use, the Rogue Sacoche is the perfect daypack to accompany your travels. But don’t let its flat appearance fool you, the Rogue Sacoche fits a lot more than you might think. The bottom corners of the Rogue Sacoche are created with a clever darted seam design, allowing the base of the bag to expand and sit upright once packed. You can expect to fit your phone, wallet, passport, a small water bottle (<16oz), a Vertical Packing Cubelet, and a small tablet.

Rogue Sacoche in Iberian 200D Halcyon

We are offering the Rogue Sacoche in 14 stunning colors in three fabrics - 200d Halcyon, 210d Cerylon, and 210d Ballistic. Most of these colors will be restockable after they sell out, with the exception of two 200d Halcyon colors: Cerise and Iberian (photographed above).

Paragon 2.0

Paragon in Black Ballistic/Zest 200D Halcyon

Our second debut bag is a revamp of a retired design — meet the Paragon 2.0. We launched the original Paragon in 2021, and it was an evolution of a simple dayback design, called the “Simplex” made by Tom in the 70s. Here’s what you guys told us you love about the original Paragon: the simple and clean design, the built-in laptop sleeve, the Edgeless Shoulder Straps. But what you guys felt a little mixed about? The rain flaps and the flat interior zippered pocket. So we took your feedback, and we present to you Paragon 2.0 – removed the rain flaps, upgraded with Aquaguard zippers, gave that interior pocket more depth, added mesh to the back to help with breathability, and more.

Interior shot of Paragon 2.0 in Black Ballistic/Zest 200D Halcyon

We are offering the Paragon 2.0 in 12 colorways, and we decided to get a little playful. While you’ll find staples like Black/Northwest Sky and Nebulous Grey/Island, we also have some never-been-done-before colorways for those looking to add more spice to your collection: Mars Red/Solaris and Coyote/Zest!

Large Zip-Top Shop Bag

Large Ziptop Shop Bags in an assortment of colors

Our final debut bag is the Large Zip-Top Shop Bag. Our last batch of Large Zip-Top Shop Bags were made in November 2021 in a mix of Cerylon, Cordura, and Cotton Twill fabrics. We’ve been getting questions ever since on when we’ll be making them again in Halcyon and our new Cerylon colors. So here you go, the Large Zip-Top Shop Bag will be available in 9 colors, a mix of Halcyon and Cerylon colors!

10 colorways of the Large Ziptop Shop Bag

You may have noticed that we have implemented a price increase, and we want you to understand the reason behind this decision. We are doing this in order to make it possible to continue to offer this bag. We had chosen to stop making this bag entirely because at the previous price point, it just didn’t make sense anymore – the Zip-Top Shop Bag uses a very significant amount of Halcyon/Cerylon fabric (almost 6x the amount of the Everyday Cubelet for a point of comparison), and the PORON®-padded handles require an extra expert skill set to sew (shoutout to Tao, photographed below, on our team for making all the handles and this debut possible!), so we opted to make other bags instead. Given the number of requests we’ve received over the last two years, we have decided to bring them back for the holiday season.

Tao holding an LZTSB in Acai 200D Halcyon


New Cord Zipper Pulls: Pull Du Jour

If you’re planning on buying a Paragon 2.0, you will be among the first to receive our all new TB-branded cord zipper pulls. If you’re not, we’re also offering these as a separate accessory in Black, Zest, or a mix of both. Unlike the older ones, the plastic piece and the cord are pre-assembled, so you don’t have to do the extra work at home.

 New Zipper Pulls as seen of Paragon 2.0

Tom’s Firewood Carrier

Tom's Firewood Carrier

It's now a tradition: during the holiday season, we restock Tom's Firewood Carrier. It's based off of a simple design that Tom made back in the 1970's as gifts for family and friends. 


Also, be sure to check out our Recent Restocks page for a bunch of bags we just brought back!

Questions? Concerns? Ask them away in the blog comments below.


Noa - November 25, 2023

I second your question, Priscilla. What is the status on the Makers bag? Wondering if I should explore resale options instead of waiting for the next release. Thank you.

James Churbuck - November 25, 2023

I see that shop bags are an endangered species, with all of the other versions now out of production. Any plans to expand you pilot to original and small shop bags (with and without zippers)?

Priscilla - November 24, 2023

I’ve been checking on the availability of the Maker’s bag. Is it being discontinued, redesigned, or just put in the back burner as other products are receiving production priority? Anyone knows what’s going on and willing to say? Thanks!

C - November 22, 2023

Interested in the Sacoche. Do you know if it will get deliver before x-mas? Also, can you post your shipping schedule? Thanks

Briz - November 20, 2023

The Paragon 2.0 will be a great introduction bag for those new to Tom Bihn. Thank you, Tao, for making all those handles; I look forward to getting a Large Zip-Top Shop Bag. The Rogue Sacache looks like a fun alternative to the Cafe Bags. Keep up the great work.

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