April 1, 2023

For The Bag Lover in Your Life...

For The Bag Lover in Your Life...

Introducing the ultimate collection of love songs dedicated to bag lovers! With this CD, you'll fall in love all over again as you listen to romantic melodies that celebrate your passion for bags. Perfect for those who appreciate the practicality and style of a Synik or the sophistication of a Pilot.

Don't miss out on this unforgettable musical experience that speaks directly to your heart and love for bags. Get your copy today!

Happy April Fool's Day from TOM BIHN!


Bron - July 21, 2023

Oh! How fabulous! This made my day! Thanx….from Oz

Bob Kelly - May 19, 2023

Absolutely HILARIOUS!!!! and oddly true too ;-)

Krasi - May 4, 2023

That was funny, definitely takes you back to those old 90s commercials with the $10 off if you use your credit card 😂

Gloria Barbara Ramos - April 21, 2023

LOL! How did I miss this?

TOM BIHN replied:
Hope you enjoyed it!!

JEJ - April 3, 2023

This was great—very funny!

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