April 3, 2015

Doug's Last Minute Planned Trip To Indonesia and Malaysia


Doug sent us this email; it made our day and we thought everyone else might enjoy it as well.

Hi! I'd like to share my story with you -- for several months this year I had been planning to take a big trip, but didn't know if I'd be actually able to go until almost the last minute. In late August with about 2 weeks notice I realized I could go. I quickly called your customer service people and, despite being out of stock according your website, was able to order an Aeronaut 45 and a set of Packing Cubes, and get them in time to put them to use.

For 6 weeks I travelled solo through Indonesia and Malaysia living out of your Aeronaut 45 and the Co-Pilot bag. It was a perfect combination of size, weight, and adaptability as I travelled by plane, train, taxi, bus and foot.

I took pictures of the bags when I was at an ecolodge in Sebatu, central Bali, called the Puri Gangga. I am really grateful to your team for helping me get a bag on short notice, and I'd like to share some pictures with you.





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