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Classic Designs Retiring To Make Way For New

OK, wow. Last year was super busy and this year is already shaping up to be the same. In 2014, we introduced thirteen new designs and accessories: the Pilot, Daylight Briefcase, Daylight Backpack, Aeronaut 30, Travel Laundry Stuff Sack, Q-Kit, Double Organizer Pouch, Night Flight Travel Duffle, 7” Tablet Cache, Synapse Freudian Slips, The Parental Unit, Key Strap Snaphook/O-Ring, and more options of Cord Zipper Pulls. (We’re not counting the Flocculent Swift.) And we updated the designs of two bags: the Brain Bag and Aeronaut 45.

Today, we're introducing Spiff Kits, Brain Bag Padded Waist Belt, Cord Zipper Pulls in Ultraviolet, the Q-Kit in size Small, and 1050d HT U.S. ballistic nylon in Burnt Orange. And within the next couple of months, the new Citizen Canine will debut as a Skookum Dog bag. Tom's working on three new designs (one is the cross-body knitting bag) that we are excited to debut as the year goes on. And, of course, you can expect to see a new color or two (or three). Beyond all of that, who knows what else we'll come up with? We say it often, but we'll say it again: we're pretty spontaneous around here and if the inspiration strikes and we can make something happen, we'll go for it.

This is all very good and exciting news. Designing and debuting new bags is what we love best. (And we get the sense you guys like it too!)

But it’s a reality for us that designing and debuting new bags means some existing bags must be retired. The demand for last year’s new designs tested the production capacity of our factory and we made the difficult decision to choose not to allow backorders for some bags. And we’ve come to the decision that some of those bags must be retired to make way for the new designs of this year and next.

Below is a list of the bags we plan to retire. We figured it’d be the right thing to do to make one more final batch of each of these bags so everyone has a chance to order them before they're gone for good; these final batches are available for order now.

And yes: this, we anticipate, is the last time we will ever make these bags available for order.

Deep breath. Here’s the list.

The Ego and Super Ego
Two of our classic messenger bags. We’re sad to see them go, but we know that Tom is taking the best features of these bags and is likely to incorporate them into future briefcase designs.

Super Ego Messenger Bag | TOM BIHNSuper Ego

Ego Messenger Bag | TOM BIHNEgo

Ah, the ID! A favorite of ours. But, there's so many exciting new designs in the works and we won’t be able to debut them unless we retire some existing designs.

ID Messenger Bag | TOM BIHN

The Empire Builder will continue to be around for the time being but we’ll only be making the Zephyr this one last time.

Zephyr Briefcase | TOM BIHN

Field Journal Notebook
The FJN has devoted fans (Tom amongst them) but it's time to retire it to make way for new.

Field Journal Notebook | TOM BIHN


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  • Jonathan

    As the owner of a Super Ego, I mourn its loss. I love how it can go from my EDC laptop bag for day to day usage, but if I need to travel it’s big enough to be my carry-on.

  • Dave

    Yea! I finally got my Field Journal. I really wanted to get the burnt orange, but went for calming olive green instead.

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