December 11, 2021

12/13 Restock Notes

12/13 Restock Notes

Our next debut and restock will be on Monday, 11/29, at 7:00am Pacific Time. Want to see everything that'll be debuted and restocked in one spot? Visit the 12/13 Restock page. Have questions? Ask in the comments (you'll be notified via email when we respond!) 

All of us here in Seattle joined forces to make sure this restock happened before 12/14, which is the last day to place an order with UPS Ground for delivery to the East Coast by or on 12/24. 

Read on for notes about each item that'll be restocked. If you're an appreciator of Boreal, you won't want to miss these! 

Synik 30 

We restocked the Synik 30 on 11/29 and more than a few color combinations sold out rather quickly. Good thing a second batch of 30s was already on the production floor: we prioritized finishing the colors that sold out and they will be restocked. Whew.

Synapse 25 

The Synapse is one of our most enduring designs. Its pockets magically don't steal space from each other and it can be used for minimalist travel, day hiking, or the commute to work and back. It does many great things and does them well.

Grab Bag 

We wanted this Grab Bag restock to feel special, it being the holidays and all. There's nine low - high quantity special edition Grab Bags in this round, including some unique Halcyon options. The garment fabric options? A very interesting laminated garment-weight material sent to us as a sample by our mill in Japan. 

Monster Truck
The Truck

Not only are we restocking various 525d ballistic nylon colors of these two sizes of Truck, we're also stocking them in Boreal Ruff Stuff for the very first time.

Small Travel Tray
Large Travel Tray

200d Halcyon Travel Trays are back in force: Acuity, Sitka, Tidal, Wasabi, Ultraviolet, Coyote, Taiga, Northwest Sky, and Island... all the favorites are here. Well, okay, not all, but many.

Padded Organizer Pouch

You've been asking when we'd restock these handy little padded guys, so here you go.


Notably, the Zeitgeist is being stocked in Boreal for the first time. There's just a few of these, so act quickly if they catch your eye.

Side Effect

This is one of those bags that we don't feature or promote all that much, though it is continually popular (and often sells out) because of word of mouth. It's back, restocked in the colors folks like best.


Finally. The following sizes of Cache will be restocked: 16A (this is the size for the 16" MacBook Pro), 8A (sized to fit all iPad minis), 11A, 15D, 13A, 13C (14" MacBook Pro!), 13D

The Original Large Shop Bag
The Original Small Shop Bag

Again, what's particularly notable here are the new Boreal Ruff Stuff options in both sizes of Original Shop Bags. Some folks prefer their Shop Bags lightweight and foldable (think Cerylon or Halcyon). Others prefer more structure and stiffness, and if that's you, you'll appreciate Boreal.


Damon - January 3, 2022

The dome material on the Navy Laminated Garment Fabric grab bag. Is that dome Navy Parapack, or another sample fabric?
TOM BIHN replied:
That’s Navy Parapack!

James - December 22, 2021

I just received a Grab Bag in the Dusk laminated garment fabric. This fabric is AWESOME! The hand feel is just perfect for packing cubes, accessories and organization items. It doesn’t have the stiffness of some of the other fabrics. A Ghost Whale made from this fabric would be ideal. The Dusk color is very nice as well. Please make some other items out of this fabric!
TOM BIHN replied:
It’s a pretty cool fabric, isn’t it? Request for more items in this fabric is noted ~ we only had a smallish roll of the material as a sample from our supplier and we think we used it all for Grab Bags. Not sure we could order more of that exact stuff, though will note what you liked about it (not as stiff as some of the other fabrics, nice hand) as that can be taken into account as we look at and develop new fabrics.

Dave Robeson - December 22, 2021

Any near-term plans to make the Side Effect in Burnt Orange?
TOM BIHN replied:
Sorry for the late response here, we missed some comments!

And the answer is… Side Effects in Burnt Orange will be in the works early next year. We’d expect them to be restocked around March-April. So not super near term but they will happen.

Bob - December 12, 2021

Delighted at the expansion of Boreal Ruff Stuff into the Shop Bag and Truck lines. I am loving my Boreal Grab Bag and look forward to even more Boreal permutations.
TOM BIHN replied:
Boreal just makes sense in those totes, doesn’t it? Particularly love the hand of that fabric in the Shop Bags.

Rachael - December 12, 2021

What color is the fabric on the top and bottom of the black sample 200d halcyon grab bag? The photo on the Grab Bag page looks like it’s black, but the photo at the top of the blog post here makes it look almost like a green/grey color.
TOM BIHN replied:
Good question. That’s a Steel Parapack dome.

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