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Tom's Firewood Carrier

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Heavy duty #8 cotton canvas main body
(18 ounces per square yard / 610 grams per square meter)
#10 cotton canvas rolled handles
(14.75 ounces per square yard / 500 grams per square meter)
Poron® padded handles
Polypropylene stiffeners on top edge


Made in USA with fabric from U.S.A.
100% finished seams


Width: 17.7" / 450 mm
Length: 31.5" / 800 mm
Weight: 11.8 oz. / 335 g

Back in the mid 1970’s, I made a firewood carrier for my father and a couple extras for friends. The design was nothing new or revolutionary, but it did its job: schlepping 3-5 firewood logs from the woodshed to the hearth. 

When my father passed away in 2016, I inherited the original carrier I had made all those years before. Now, over 40 years later, I use the thing almost daily in the winter months. It’s stood the test of time thanks in part to its simplicity: it’s a simple wrap with no ends so it can accommodate longer sticks of wood; definitely not a tote bag, there’s no zippers, there's no phone pockets, no overthinking. Yes, you can put your 15" MacBook Pro in the Firewood Carrier, but we guarantee it’ll fall out, plus you might forget and toss it in the wood stove.

Darcy posted a photo of the original firewood carrier on Instagram and a few people asked us if we’d offer it someday — so here it is. Just like the original version it’s made of heavy cotton canvas — a material I’ve been re-learning recently. Cotton canvas isn’t as durable and doesn’t wear as well as the ballistic nylon and other fabrics we use, but it’s got a rustic “cabin” aesthetic and is perfect for a firewood carrier. 

You may be wondering: is this Firewood Carrier useful for carrying anything other than firewood? Answer: no.... unless what you carry in it can hold on for the ride.

— Tom


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