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Tri-Star luggage in a Ryanair Cabin Bag Tester

Photo: Tri-Star in a Ryanair Cabin Bag Tester

Our Tri-Star convertible carry-on travel bag in a Ryanair Cabin Bag Tester. Thanks to Customer D for the photo. See more in our Tri-Star set on Flickr.

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New Tri-Star video review by JD Andrews (Gear, Gadgets and Gizmos)

Gear, Gadgets and Gizmos - The Tri-Star Carry-on bag by Tom Bihn from JD Andrews on Vimeo. See also: the Tri-Star

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TOM BIHN Tri-Star and a VW Westfalia

"It's like we get to travel with mini-VW's that never break down."

Below is an email sent to us by K. -- "The Tri-Star is honestly one of the most beautifully crafted pieces I have handled in a long time. My husband's arrived last week and there was no option but to order my very own. I've never had that kind of reaction to a product. We recently sold our beloved VW Westfalia and we have both been comparing the ingenuity of the Tri-Star to the VW - lean, thoughtful and just plain clever. For us, that is the highest praise of all. So, a big thanks to Mr. Bihn and crew....

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Bags for 10 day US Go Association convention

RedBeard: Bags for 10 day US Go Association trip

"Here is our regular travel set, a Aeronaut and Checkpoint Flyer for me and Tri-Star with ID for my partner, on the way to the 10 day US Go Association convention last summer. Each of us packed 3 days of casual clothes, 1 set of formal clothes with shoes, and sleep ware. Spread across the bags are also 1 laptop and 2 cameras with power bricks, 3 hats, toiletries, laundry gear, and assorted travel accessories." Read the full post by Red Beard in the Forums.

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Why the Tom Bihn Tri-Star is the Perfect Carry-On

American Station: Why the Tri-Star is the Perfect Carry-On

Excerpt: "I’ve been traveling lately — from Chicago for my college roommate’s bachelor party to Jackson, Miss., for work and to hear my father-in-law play bass for the Uncle Sam Band. I’ve also been to New Orleans for a friend’s wedding and to the Mississippi Delta for the opening of a civil war tourist site in Helena, Ark. I drove to some destinations and flew to others. I stayed in hotels, condos, and the Shack Up Inn (look it up). Though each trip required different wardrobes and different equipment, I managed to successfully get to each destination and enjoy each...

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Removable tie-down or compression straps are included with the Aeronaut travel bag

Light travel experts weigh in on packing techniques

kjm3579 posted in the TOM BIHN Forums that s/he was ready to buy an Aeronaut but was told online that it wasn't ideal for the bundle packing method because it doesn't have tie-down/compression straps (not accurate; Tom added removable tie-down/compression straps to the Aeronaut in 2010) and that it doesn't have much "flat space" (this is why the Tri-Star, with its ample flat space, might be a better option for those who want to bundle pack.) Frank II, owner and author of One Bag, One World (OBOW) replied: "As the owner of a site dedicated to light, one bag travel,...

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Tri-Star vs briefcase photos

Mark1966: Tri-Star vs briefcase, with photos

"My test pack [of the Tri-Star] was very quick and without trying to pack carefully. I stuffed RMs boots, toiletries, 5 days of socks and jocks, two pairs of jeans, 5 long sleeve shirts, 3 t-shirts and 3 polos along with a jumper into the thing as well as my laptop, papers etc. It looked stuffed to the gills and would probably not fit in the test unit at the gate but I could carry it easily enough. More sensible packing could easily make this a 5 day bag WITHOUT having to wash." Read the full thread -- with more...

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My Tri-Star Review (with comparisons to the Brain Bag)

conejo23: My Tri-Star review (with comparisons to the Brain Bag)

"I'll cut to the chase and then fill in some details, along with pictures. The Tri-Star is an incredible bag. The design is as impressive as the reviews I poured through indicated it was. This is a typical Tom Bihn bag so I don't need to go into excessive detail here, you all know the materials, construction, finishing, it's all first rate. Very, very impressive." Read the full review by conejo23 -- with many great photos -- in the TOM BIHN Forums.

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Tony Vincent with his TOM BIHN Tri-Star

Tony Vincent with his Tri-Star

Tony Vincent is a recording artist and Broadway actor who is (as you probably already know) competing on NBC's The Voice He's also a fan of our bags and, in particular, the Tri-Star. Tony on using the Tri-Star: "I don't know where to begin! I'm so over-the-moon about these bags! The construction, quality and detail are impeccable. The zippers are brilliantly rugged. The Absolute Shoulder Strap is fantastic. There is so much care and thought that went into the design of these bags, how their pockets are designed/positioned, the way the handles actually feel in one's hand... I'm truly blown...

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jeffmac: Italy is best by train (and the TOM BIHN Tri-Star)

jeffmac: Italy is definitely best by train

"Of course a Tri-Star and a beautiful wife don't hurt anything!!" -- posted by jeffmac in the TOM BIHN Forums.

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