April 12, 2018

Previously unreleased videos (Part I: The Aeronauts 45 and 30)


Some months ago, we experimented making some packing videos but never got around to sharing them.  So here they are: a series of videos demonstrating how to pack a few of our popular bags.  Let us know what you think—if people like them, maybe we’ll be inspired to make more.

Part I: The Aeronauts 45 and 30

Besides snacks, dogs, and naps, there’s nothing we like more than the pleasure of packing a well-organized bag.  We’ve designed our travel bags (like both sizes of the Aeronaut) with strategically-placed compartments and pockets so they’ll pack like a dream right out of the box.  At the same time, using a few or several accessories allows you to customize your bag’s organization, whether a little or a lot.  That’s why we offer accessories in a bevy of shapes, sizes, styles, and colors.

These two videos demonstrate packing strategies for the Aeronaut 45 and the Aeronaut 30 using just a few accessories.**  Then the same stuff gets packed again, this time with the help of several more accessories.

** We’ve updated the design of a few items since making the videos; you can see the new versions by clicking on the links.

Aeronaut 45

Accessories Used

Just a Few:

00:38   3D Clear Organizer Cube
00:50   Key Strap, 16”

A Few More:

01:38   3D Organizer Cube
01:48   Aeronaut 45 Packing Cube, Large **
02:21   Aeronaut 45 Packing Cube, Small **
02:37   Aeronaut 45 End Pocket Packing Cube **
03:01   Cache, Tablet **
03:08   Medium Padded Organizer Pouch
03:23   3D Mesh Organizer Cube
03:38   Side Effect
04:08   Clear Organizer Pouch, Small
04:09   Key Strap, 8"
04:30   Aeronaut 45 End Pocket Packing Cube **

Aeronaut 30

Accessories Used

Just a Few:

00:44   3D Clear Organizer Cube

A Few More:

01:35   Aeronaut 30 Packing Cube, Large **
01:56   Aeronaut 30 Packing Cube, Large **
02:25   3D Organizer Cube
02:32   Key Strap, 8”
02:39   3D Clear Organizer Cube and Key Strap, 16”
02:51   Aeronaut 30 End Pocket Packing Cube **
03:01   Cubelet
03:12   Aeronaut 30 Travel Laundry Stuff Sack
03:33   Ballistic Organizer Pouch, Mini
03:43   Halcyon Organizer Pouch, Small [**It’s listed as Medium in video but seems smaller to me]
03:51   Key Strap, 8”


If you want more Packing Cube info, check out our Packing Cube FAQs.  For packing-related discussion and banter, head over to the Forums.

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