February 9, 2015

A Note From Tom's Friend Tim

A letter from Tom's friend Tim | TOM BIHN

Hi Tom,

Mary and I arrived home yesterday from our month's travel in Italy. It was an incredible trip, from hiking in the Dolomites near the Austrian border to roaming through Venice, Florence, Siena, Cinque Terre, Orvieto, the Po River, and Rome. Our sole pieces of luggage were your Aeronaut bags, and they preformed wonderfully. We looked forward to packing up on our travel days because all our gear fit so snugly into to the bags and transport was a breeze. Comfortable as a day pack on our backs, stowed easily into bins and luggage racks on planes, trains and busses, stood handily at our sides, handles-up, on subways and in lines, and as comfortable backrests when lounging on benches.

We visited my grandfather's village of Auronzo de Cadore in the Dolomites, an impossibly beautiful valley surrounded by epic peaks. Here's a pic fresh from the bus at our hotel.

Don't know what we could do to thank you Tom, but we can start with dinner tomorrow night. Otherwise a rain check will be issued.

Hope the first fall rains are finding you rested and settled in. Snow can't be far behind.

All best,


A letter from Tom's friend Tim | TOM BIHN

Tom's friend Tim is Tim McNulty, poet, essayist, and nature writer. He is the author of ten poetry books and eleven books of natural history. Tim has received the Washington State Book Award and the National Outdoor Book Award among other honors. Tom and Tim serve together on the board of Olympic Park Associates, an organization dedicated to preserving the wilderness and ecological integrity of Olympic National Park.

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