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The Summit Bed (Memory Foam)

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We've retired the The Summit Bed (Memory Foam) to make way for new designs. Stay tuned for what we come up with next!
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1050d HT U.S. Ballistic Nylon
U.S.A. Synthetic Sheepskin
U.S.A. Memory Foam
YKK Zippers
See care/washing instructions here


Made strong in the USA. 100% Finished Seams; sewn with heavy nylon boot thread


External dimensions ~ 40" (w) x 10" (h) x 40" (d)
weighs just about 19 pounds

Memory foam. Ballistic nylon. Soft sherpa fleece topper. It's the ultimate dog bed.

Designed to be the ultimate dog bed. U.S. 1050d HT Ballistic Nylon covers four interlocking bolsters, providing plenty of support for a tired dog's chin. In the middle of the ring of bolsters is a synthetic sheepskin / sherpa fleece, zip-in topper: easy to remove for washing or replacement. The fleece is warm and cozy — expect your dog to nest on in. Trail-weary bones will find comfort on a thick layer of 1-1/2" memory foam.

Fits dogs up to about 90 pounds.

Design Notes

— When we set off to make the Summit Bed, we decided early on that we wanted to build the no-holds-barred, realized ultimate reality dog bed: indeed, we went for the gold, and we gave it everything we had.

— Since all of us in the design team hang out with dogs, we all had some ideas about what our dogs really wanted in a dog bed. We realized that, especially in the winter, a dog wants a nest as much as they want a bed.

— After some sketches and the fabrication of some 2:10 scale models, we landed on a basic shape and aesthetic we liked: we realized that more than leashes or collars, a dog bed is a piece of furniture too and the thing had to look good on top of everything else.

— We brainstormed about features: we wanted a zip-out fleece top to make it easy to wash; we wanted memory foam to comfort and cushion trail-weary old dog bones; we wanted big cushy bolsters to create a warm and cozy space.

— We made a prototype and tested it: there was no question that all the dogs not only knew what the Summit Bed was for, but quickly were vying for a turn to snooze in the thing. In fact, the thing is so damn cozy, we all find ourselves drawn to it as well: Tom has been found napping in a Summit Bed on more than one occasion.

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