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We're open! V1 Reusable Cloth Face Masks and many bags are in-stock  / all orders ship within 1-3 business days.

Ship in-stock items from my pre-order or held order

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You're seeing this page if....

You just placed an order that includes both pre-order bag(s) due to ship later *and* in-stock bag, and you'd like those in-stock bags to ship now.


We've sent you an email to let you know that your pre-order is ready to ship soon (woohoo!) and you need to select a shipping method so we can ship your order.

In either scenario, simply click Add to Basket to see the shipping options and complete checkout; take care to update your shipping address if necessary. We'll see your purchased shipping option and that'll alert us to the fact that it's time to ship everything that can ship in your order. 

Wondering why we handle it this way? It makes it easier for folks who want to ship in-stock items as they become available, and it also helps out folks who may need to change their shipping method or address before we ship the pre-order they've been waiting for.

To learn even more about pre-orders, see our Pre-Order F.A.Q.



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