A black padded hip belt which uses side release buckles to clip in to the Aeronaut 30 and Aeronaut 45  A side view of the Aeronaut Padded Hip Belt
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Aeronaut Padded Hip Belt


Optional, removable Padded Hip Belt designed to be used with our Aeronaut 30 and 45 travel bags.

 The Aeronaut Padded Hip Belt attached to an Aeronaut 30  The Aeronaut Padded Hip Belt attached to an Aeronaut 45  A man in profile looking over a railing while using the Aeronaut Padded Hip Belt with their Aeronaut 45  A front look at a man using the sternum strap and padded hip belt with his Aeronaut 45  A woman using the Aeronaut padded hip belt with an Aeronaut 30  A woman in profile using the padded hip belt with the Aeronaut 30.  A man holding the male buckle of the backpack strap of the Aeronaut, unbuckling it from the bottom of the Aeronaut to install the Padded Hip Belt  A man holding the Aeronaut Padded Hip Belt, showing where the two buckles on the hip belt are.  A man inserting the Aeronaut Hip Belt into to pocket at the bottom of the Aeronaut  A man showing how the male buckle on the Aeronaut Padded Hip Belt connects into the female buckle in the pocket at the bottom of the Aeronaut


Designed especially for the Aeronaut 30 and Aeronaut 45 convertible travel bags, the Aeronaut Padded Hip Belt allows you to carry some of the weight of a loaded Aeronaut on your hips rather than on just your shoulders. 

Note that the Aeronaut Padded Hip Belt will perform best for folks between 5'2" - 6'0"—depending, of course, on the length of the person's torso. If you're on the shorter end of that range and have a short torso, the Padded Hip Belt may hit you a little lower than you'd like. If you're on the taller end of that range with a longer torso, the Padded Hip Belt may ride a little higher than you'd like. 

Most folks will pair the Aeronaut Padded Hip Belt with the Aeronaut Internal Frame, but some may use just the Padded Hip Belt. For more about all of that, see our Aeronaut FAQ blog post.

Back in about 2007, we added a webbing loop on the lower half of the Aeronaut's backpack straps, creating an option for adding a simple 1" Gatekeeper Waist Strap. However, this 1" waist strap rode pretty high up on most folks, and was an option less about offsetting weight and more about securing the bag to one's body, for those rare instances when one must run across an airport terminal to make a connecting flight, or perhaps ride a bike while carrying an Aeronaut.

When Tom and Nik began developing the Aeronaut Padded Hip Belt, that original waist strap attachment point on the bag itself proved to be a problem. If only it could somehow be placed lower on the bag!

Sure, Tom and Nik could've come up with a design update to the Aeronaut itself to solve this conundrum, but that would leave people who had already purchased an Aeronaut unable to add the functionality of the Padded Hip Belt to the bags that they already own, and that didn't seem right. Instead, they engineered a solution that would work for everyone. 

Here's how it works: 

The Aeronaut Padded Hip Belt clips directly and securely to the buckle that usually clips to the Aeronaut backpack straps. This allows the Aeronaut Padded Hip Belt to secure in its lowest possible placement. And to make the whole affair as seamless and elegant as possible, Tom and Nik added an extra section of Padded Hip Belt that disappears into the area of the buckle sewn on to the bag, giving one the experience that perhaps the Padded Hip Belt was integrated with the pack all along. You may be wondering: well, what do the Aeronaut backpack straps clip to then? They clip into a buckle that's on the Aeronaut Padded Hip Belt itself. Clever, eh? And also a little hard to describe with words: see this blog post for step-by-step instructions and photos that explain how to install the Aeronaut Padded Hip Belt onto your Aeronaut. 

Made of .375″ / 10mm EVA closed cell foam with a protective laminated cover of heavy duty polyester knit, the set of two pads joins front and center with a sturdy, dual adjust side release buckle. The pads are contoured and, when attached to your Aeronaut, form a slight conical shape, encouraging the belt to ride more or less on top of your hip bones.

The Aeronaut Padded Hip Belt is available in one size that adjusts to fit hips measuring between 33″ / 84cm and 50″ / 125cm. Want a different size? We’d be glad to see what we can come up with in the factory: emailus@tombihn.com


EVAZOTE® OEKO-TEX® certified EV50 foam hip pads
Nylon webbing
Tough Duraflex®, Nexus, and Woojin buckles and related components


Sewn in USA with globally sourced materials

Width: 3.5" / 90 mm
Length: 50" / 125 cm
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Sewn in Seattle

Our bags are designed and sewn right here in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.

That allows us to be control freaks in the best way possible; we have direct control and oversight of the quality of our materials, our products, and the jobs and working environment that we help create. It also offers us a unique spontaneity: when we have an idea for a new product or accessory, we can design it, figure out how to build it, add it to our website and be ready to ship it out our front door all within just a few weeks. How cool is that?

Intrigued? You can find out more about the unusual way we do business on our Company Philosophy page.

THE BIHN Guarantee

Everything you buy from us here at TOM BIHN is satisfaction guaranteed. We’ve been in business for over 30 years and we stand behind what we make.

If something goes wrong and it's our fault, we'll fix it for free. Repairs due to normal wear and tear or due to other things that are not our fault will be performed, when possible, at a reasonable charge right here in our Seattle factory where your bag was made. Defects in materials or workmanship are uncommon and almost always evident while the product is still new. Keep in mind that bags and packs are often subject to extreme wear in everyday use: do not expect them to last forever. Only true love lasts forever! You can expect a TOM BIHN product to give years and years of hard service.

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