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 A Coyote (tan) Citizen Canine.  The back of a Coyote (tan) Citizen Canine.  A side view of a shoulder strap attached to the Coyote Citizen Canine.  A Coyote (tan) Citizen Canine laying on a table.  An Aubergine (purple) Citizen Canine.  A side view of a shoulder strap attached to the Aubergine (purple) Citizen Canine.  The back of the Aubergine (purple) Citizen Canine.  An Aubergine (purple) CItizen Canine on a table. visible variant SD5433-BBCN visible variant SD5433-BBCN visible variant SD5433-BBCN visible variant SD5433-SBCN visible variant SD5433-SBCN visible variant SD5433-SBCN visible variant SD5433-SBCN visible variant SD5433-VBCN visible variant SD5433-VBCN visible variant SD5433-VBCN visible variant SD5433-VBCN
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Citizen Canine


Color: Coyote 1050 Ballistic/Coyote 420 Parapack

Available Colour options

Our dog walk/hike and treat/training bag. Room for human stuff too.

We've retired the Citizen Canine so we can focus our efforts on other projects. You can sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page to receive updates on what we're working on next!


We’ve designed what we think is the ultimate treat/training bag.

The Citizen Canine is a small bag designed to come along when you take your best friend for a walk. Though it's on the small side (as you'd expect a treat bag to be), you'll be impressed by how many features we've packed into such a small amount of real estate. For us, making such a small, feature-filled bag is a bit like arthroscopic surgery or working in nanotechnology: the cutting and sewing gets even more challenging as it all gets smaller.

The Citizen Canine is primarily a treat bag (for training treats/rewards/bribes) with a poop-bag dispenser built in. The main compartment is generous and can hold many commercially available dog treats in their original packaging. Or, you can put the treats directly into that compartment: it easy holds four cups / one liter of kibble. The top edge of the pouch is stiffened to remain open for easy access, but it closes with a drawstring so the treats stay inside otherwise.

There's a zippered pocket on the front: it's generously sized to fit an iPhone 6 Plus (or similarly sized phones) and/or a wallet, so you can hit the trail with the Citizen Canine and nothing more. In front of the zippered pocket, a 3D front flapped pouch that expands to accommodate a tennis ball in case your buddy is more inspired by fetch than by food. It's handy for a Bungee Leash, a clicker, or whatever else you might want to bring along (how about a granola bar for yourself?). On the flap of the pouch is a loop of nylon webbing so you can attach a Guardian Light for use after dark: choose Red (on flash mode) so you can be seen or White (on steady mode) so you can see. The Guardian Light, made in Canada, is a rugged, easy to use, military/law enforcement grade light that offers over 250 hours of use per battery. Two O-rings in the front pouch and one inside the zippered pocket allow you to attach a key strap (one included) so you can always know where your keys are.

A discreet opening on the back side of the Citizen Canine opens with two snaps: inside (between the outer ballistic fabric and inner pouch lining) you'll find a clever metal-pin assembly which retains a roll of poop bags: feed the first bag out between the two snaps and voilá, poop bag dispenser. We ship the Citizen Canine with one roll of "Bags on Board®" poop bags, but any brand of poop bags on a roll, purchased from your local companion animal supply store or online, will fit in the Citizen Canine.

The Citizen Canine is made from our U.S. made, 1050 denier, high tenacity ballistic nylon fabric and lined with our 420d HT Parapack fabric; front pocket closes with a #8 YKK coil zipper. The TOM BIHN / Skookum Dog quality construction you're used to is, of course, here as well: finished seams, reinforcing bar tacks, all the usual overbuild — just on a very small scale.

Choose from three different carry methods: an adjustable (and removable) 1" / 25 mm nylon-webbing shoulder strap, 1.5” / 38mm waist strap, or military-spec spring steel belt clips.


Exterior of U.S. made, 1050d high tenacity ballistic nylon
Lined with Steel or Coyote 420d HT Parapack fabric
#8 YKK coil zipper
Tough Duraflex®, Nexus, and Woojin buckles and related components


Dimensions: 6.3" (w) x 8.7" (h) x 4.1" (d) / 160 (w) x 220 (h) x 105 (h) mm
Weight: 10.6 oz / 300 grams (without straps / poop bags / belt clips)
Volume: 95 cubic in / 1.5 liters
What's Included:
1x 8-inch Skookum Dog Key Strap
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