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Stuffed Bat

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We've retired the Stuffed Bat to make way for new designs. Stay tuned for what we come up with next!
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Plush, made-in-U.S.A. fake bat fur; polyester filling; synthetic felt ears
See care/washing instructions here


Made strong in the USA.


8" x 16" x 1-1/2"

A limited edition TOM BIHN/Skookum Dog Made in USA dog toy.

So, you might be wondering why the first Skookum Dog stuffed toy is a bat. Basically: bats are rad. They're the only mammals capable of true flight; in the winter, they either hibernate or go into torpor (regulated hypothermia); and they use echolocation to get around in the dark. Plus, bats are incredibly diverse: a quarter of all mammal species are bat species.

Soft, fluffy Made in U.S.A. fake bat fur. Synthetic felt ears. One squeaker inside.

 Worth noting: if your dog is a destroyer of stuffed animals, the Bat might not be the best choice for him. Check out our blog post on our experience with the Bat. It's about as durable as any other stuffed toy. If your dog, like ours, is pretty gentle on stuffed toys, you should be good. Our Bat has been snowed on, left out in the rain, dried in the sun, and otherwise not very well cared for the past year. Other than a chomp to the ear, it's looking pretty good.

Design Notes

— As far as chew toys go, the Bat has a good amount of flop to it for dogs who like to violently shake.

— The way the Bat is constructed lends itself to being topstitched: this adds shear strength for greater tear resistance, while adding some authenticity to the form of the wings and tail.

— Its ears are made out of a material that (at least in our testing) dogs don’t seem to obsess over or rip out. Although the dog probably doesn’t care much if the ears stay on or not.

— Squeakers are fun.

— You might consider adding a bat house to your backyard (for real bats). We got ours from Bats Northwest.

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