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  • Constellation Blue 525 Ballistic/Solaris 200 Halcyon
  • Nebulous Grey 525 Ballistic/Acuity 200 Halcyon
  • Aubergine 525 Ballistic/Sitka 200 Halcyon
  • Black 525 Ballistic/Taiga 200 Halcyon
  • Ursa Brown 525 Ballistic/Ultraviolet 200 Halcyon
  • Wilderness Green 525 Ballistic/Island 200 Halcyon
  • Deep Blue 525 Ballistic/Coyote 200 Halcyon
  • Black 525 Ballistic/Tidal 200 Halcyon
  • Canary 1000 Cordura/Dawn 210 Ballistic
  • Orange 152 1000 Cordura/Coyote 210 Ballistic
  • Red Blend 1000 Cordura/Dawn 210 Ballistic
  • Mayura 1000 Cordura/Cloud 210 Ballistic
  • Beaver Camo 1000 Cordura/Coyote 210 Ballistic
  • Olive 1000 Cordura/Cloud 210 Ballistic
  • Mars Red 525 Ballistic/Northwest Sky 200 Halcyon
  • Burnt Orange 525 Ballistic/Northwest Sky 200 Halcyon
  • Logic Blue 630 Recycled/Cloud 210 Ballistic
  • Seapine Green 630 Recycled/Cloud 210 Ballistic
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    If something goes wrong and it's our fault, we'll fix it for free. Repairs due to normal wear and tear or due to other things that are not our fault will be performed, when possible, at a reasonable charge right here in our Seattle factory where your bag was made. Defects in materials or workmanship are uncommon and almost always evident while the product is still new. Keep in mind that bags and packs are often subject to extreme wear in everyday use: do not expect them to last forever. Only true love lasts forever! You can expect a TOM BIHN product to give years and years of hard service.

    Face Masks
    Our masks are satisfaction guaranteed. Please if you're happy with your mask *or* there's something that doesn't work for you. We want to hear from you!

  • Our bags and face masks are designed and cut & sewn right here in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.

    That allows us to be control freaks in the best way possible; we have direct control and oversight of the quality of our materials, our products, and the jobs and working environment that we help create. It also offers us a unique spontaneity: when we have an idea for a new product or accessory, we can design it, figure out how to build it, add it to our website and be ready to ship it out our front door all within just a few weeks. How cool is that?

    Intrigued? You can more about the unusual way we do business on our Company Philosophy page.


bluesign® certified 525 denier High-Tenacity 2x2 Ballistic
-- or --
1000 denier Cordura Nylon exterior
bluesign® and OEKO-TEX® certified certified 200 denier Halcyon/nylon ripstop fabric lining
PORON® foam handles
Toughtek® pads
#8 YKK Water Resistant Racquet Coil zippers


Sewn in USA with globally sourced materials
100% finished seams


Dimensions: 17.3" (w) x 12.0" (h) x 11.0" (d) / 440 (w) x 305 (h) x 280 (d) mm
525 Ballistic: 16.8 oz / 475 grams
1000d Cordura: 15.9 oz / 450 grams
Volume: 1160 cubic inches / 19 liters
Handle Length: 22" / 560 mm
What's Included:
1x 8-inch Black Webbing Snaphook/Snaphook Key Strap
Total O-rings: 8 (6 in the main compartment, 1 each in zippered compartment)
A Note on the Measurement/Volume Ratio Compared to The Truck:
Though technically only a little shorter (top to bottom) than the original Truck, the Truckasana has roughly 20% less usable volume because the top is effectively cut-away to create space for your yoga mat, foam roller, winter coat, whatever. The volumetric measure of the Truckasana does not include this space.
Want to see the specs for all of our bags?

Our spies have informed us that some of you (we shan’t name names here) were shamelessly using our Truck tote as a yoga and gym bag. Such unauthorized use is highly frowned upon. However, we decided that rather than reporting you to the Bag Police, we’d cover for you and design a tote bag even better suited to the task. Hence, we offer you Truckasana.

The Truckasana is based upon, and roughly the same size as, you guessed it, the original Truck tote. However, a deeper look will reveal some features and functionality you haven’t seen before, design elements that Tom has developed for his as yet-to-be-released Gym Bag (which, SPOILER ALERT, looks almost nothing like the Truckasana.) So there you go: some ideas from the past, some ideas from the future…. wait a second: there’s no past and there is no future, and it’s likely this has already happened before. Spooky!

What makes the Truckasana specifically a yoga bag? The body of the tote is contoured to form a cradle into which your yoga mat (or foam roller) will nicely repose; just drop it between the handles / straps and away you go. 

So, how does it accomplish that mesmerizing feat? Via two grippy spots integral to the inside top edge of the Truckasana; these spots are made of Toughtek® fabric and have a small amount of foam padding in them. The padding raises the Toughtek® fabric a bit proud of the surface fabric, enhancing contact with your yoga mat or roller.

When you lift your bag, the Toughtek® pads contact and gently squeeze your yoga mat / foam roller and hold it in place. Will you be able to toss your bag into the back of your car all higgly-piggly, and expect your mat or roller to stay in place? Can you swing your Truckasana around like a crazy person and know that it and your crazy person yoga mat are held firmly together? Um…. no. But, if you’re just walking down the street, or hauling your yoga mat, blocks, water bottle, blanket, strap and other accoutrements from one room to another, or to your back or front yard to practice outdoors, it’ll work splendidly.

Like its kin the original Truck, it’s divided into three big compartments: the allocation into these compartments of clean clothes vs. workout clothes vs. street shoes, etc. —  we leave this up to you. After that, the Truckasana has the features and build-quality you’ve come to expect from us: finished seams, YKK zippers, cushy Poron foam handles. We gave zipper closures to the front and back pockets, thinking you might like a bit of added security for your phone, keys and what-not. It’s got 8 O-ring tether points to help you keep track of small stuff in Organizer Pouches and on Key Straps.

What’s with the name, you may ask? The Sanskrit word āsana translates to posture in English; when we’re talking about postural yoga, we’re talking about āsana — and we’re also talking about the Truck, so we figured the name Truckasana made at least some sense for this bag. 

Our friend Rose who studies yoga, yoga philosophy, Ayurveda and Sanskrit and practices Iyengar yoga has been sharing her feedback with us about the Truckasana; she noted "It’s perfect to fit in all my props. The design is brilliant! I use a yoga mat but 80% of my Asana are done on blankets since I do Iyengar. I cannot wait to carry this regularly to all my classes, Yoga seminars and events. I am also a “low waster” so I carry steel canteen water bottles, Bombay style tiffin, cutlery and napkin. This bag serves both my purpose. I can carry everything I need everyday." 

Rose also translated Truckasana into Devanāgarī script for us ट्कासना । 

You can, of course, use the Truckasana as a regular ol’ tote bag; those Toughtek® spots will likely do well in nestling a jacket, roll of paper, tripod, or other such items in place. 
Speaking of other uses for the Truckasana — you may have noticed the photos and video of our friend Gerri using the  Truckasana as a bag for crochet supplies. One of the many cool things about the Truckasana is that it can do double and triple duty: not on your way to yoga class? Use the Truckasana as your knitting or crochet bag. Not knitting or on your way to yoga? Use the Truckasana as a grocery bag. 

Choosing an Exterior Fabric

You like choices and we like to give you choices! That's why the this bag is typically available* in three different exterior fabrics. Our Materials Glossary explains each fabric in great detail, but here are some quick facts that may help you decide which to choose. And we're always here if you have questions:

1000 denier Cordura®
Weave: plain weave
Fibers: 1000 denier type 6,6 texturized nylon, discontinuous surface fibers that mask surface damage caused by abrasion
Coating: medium urethane
Made in: U.S.A.

Choose this fabric if:
  • You appreciate that it's been the outdoor industry's go-to, classic pack fabric for the past four decades.
  • You don't care as much about your bag collecting pet hair or lint.
  • You want a durable, canvas-like, natural-feeling fabric, and don't mind the slightly rough texture.

525d High Tenacity Ballistic Nylon
Weave: 2x2 “ballistic” weave
Fibers: 525 denier type 6,6 (high tenacity) filament nylon, twisted
Coating: heavy urethane
Made in: South Korea with Canadian yarn

Choose this fabric if:
  • You want your bag to be soft and supple yet tough as nails.
  • You want a fabric that's stately enough to be at home at work, the mountains, or a nice hotel.
  • You don't want your bag to collect pet hair or lint.

630d 50% Recycled Nylon
Weave: 1x1 plain weave
Fibers: 630 high tenacity denier
Coating: heavy urethane
Woven in: South Korea

Choose this fabric if:
  • You prefer a material with recycled content that's still durable (and more durable than recycled polyester!)
  • You don't want your bag to collect pet hair or lint.

*There may be times when one of the exterior fabrics mentioned here isn't available. Even with our best efforts, the demand for our bags occasionally outpaces our production capabilities: at times, some products, color combinations, or fabrics might be temporarily unavailable or "In Production." See the In Production color combinations as a guide to what our factory crew is making and what will be available next.

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