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A bunch of us here at TOM BIHN have dogs and one day we all looked at each other and realized it'd be fun to design and make our own dog gear. And with that, Skookum Dog by TOM BIHN was born. All Skookum Dog dog toys, dog beds, dog mats, and dog accessories are designed by Tom, Nik, and Darcy and are made in the U.S.A. 

The Sheepskin Bed (Memory Foam)


  • Coyote

Citizen Canine

In Production

Our dog walk/hike and treat/training bag. Room for human stuff too.

Road Duffel, Large


This is the duffel to take on road trips (for your stuff and your dog's stuff) or throw in the back of the truck filled with WCS (Worst Case Scenario) gear.

  • Verde
  • Coyote
  • Aubergine
  • Black

Volume: 60 Liters (3700 cu. in.)

Skookum Dog Collar


A dog collar built with time-tested materials: stout nylon webbing, welded steel "D" ring, heavy-duty acetal buckles, thick nylon boot thread.

The Summit Bed (Memory Foam)


Our dogs deserve the best, most comfortable bed. This is what we designed for them.

  • Forest
  • Aubergine
  • Coyote

Bungee Dog Leash


A springy, stretchy leash great for running or hiking with your dog.

  • Orange
  • Violet
  • Navy
  • Coyote

Stuffed Bat

In Production

Made In USA (with USA fabric!) stuffed toy for your dog.

Skookum Dog Made in England Tennis Balls for Dogs, Set of 4


Tennis balls for your best friend. Made in England.

  • Assorted
  • Yellow

Skookum Dog Camp Mat

$40.00 - $80.00

The go everywhere, all-purpose dog blanket / bed.

  • Coyote
  • Aubergine

Skookum Dog Hat


100% Cotton, Made in USA baseball cap ready for you to break in.

  • Grey

Skookum Dog Bed Replacement Parts

$20.00 - $200.00

Replacement parts for the Skookum Dog Summit and Sheepskin Beds.

Road Duffel, Medium


A classic and durable duffel bag designed for road trips with your best friend.

  • Aubergine

Volume: 36 liters (2200 cu. in.)

Citizen Canine Side Pockets


Add a couple of extra pockets to the Citizen Canine treat bag.

  • Coyote
  • Verde
  • Aubergine
  • Black
  • Steel

Skookum Dog 3D Mesh Cube


Mesh sides = perfect for storing wet tennis balls or a muddy leash or harness.

  • Coyote

Volume: 1 liter (60 cu. in.)

Skookum Dog Guardian Light


A safety light that secures to our Skookum Dog Collar or Bungee Leash. Water-and-mud-proof!

  • Red
  • White

Skookum Dog Key Strap


Coyote Key Strap w/the Skookum Dog logo.

  • Coyote

Skookum Dog Lash Straps


Used to secure a Camp Mat or blanket to the outside of our Skookum Dog Road Duffels.

  • Coyote

Skookum Dog Orange Logo Sticker

In Production

A Skookum Dog logo sticker for your car, roof box, wherever.

Skookum Dog Organizer Pouches

$10.00 - $13.00

Coyote Organizer Pouches with the Skookum Dog logo.

Extra Citizen Canine Strap