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What are your plans for retirement?
I’m looking forward to helping my son and daughter with their kids and spending more time with my family. My son and daughter each have two kids, they both work, and I help out in various ways. I take my grandkids to school, and I also help out around the house with cooking and cleaning.

You also sew as a hobby. Will you continue to sew as a hobby in retirement?
Yes! I’m a tailor, and I like to adjust and fit clothes for my kids and my grandkids. Sometimes I’ll make entire outfits for my grandkids.

Do you have plans to travel anywhere?
I’m looking forward to traveling to China to visit my family. I also have plans to go visit different parts of the United States; I have a sister who lives in New York.

We’ve always appreciated your positive outlook on life. What keeps you so positive?
I loved my work, and I loved where I work; my bosses are so kind, my coworkers are wonderful. That’s why it was such a hard decision to retire. I want to share story: I went to the Social Security office to notify them that I was going to be retiring. The employee at the office who helped me asked what company I was working for, and I said TOM BIHN. The employee said, “I know TOM BIHN, they make such great quality bags!”

I immediately felt so proud and happy. That is such a great compliment to our company, but also to me, to my coworkers; the quality work we all put into sewing and constructing a bag is appreciated.

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