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Seattle Store Open Tomorrow (01/08) Last Opening Until March

Our Seattle retail store/factory showroom will be open tomorrow, Saturday January 8th, from 12:00pm - 4:00pm. This will be the last opening of our store until late February or early March. For directions to our store and its address, visit our Contact page.

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Photos by maverick: Traveling with the Aeronaut and Ristretto for 11" Air

See larger versions of the above photos -- and more -- by maverick in the TOM BIHN Forums. See also: the Aeronaut, Ristretto for 11" MacBook Air.

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Photo: Tony and his Synapse at the 2011 Tournament of Roses Parade

Thanks to Tony for posting the above photo of his Synapse in Navy/Solar at the 2011 Tournament of Roses Parade to our Facebook Wall.

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The Knitting Doctor: TOM BIHN Christmas Presents

"I’m so excited. I’ve wanted one of these forever. I actually bought this for myself with a little Christmas bonus I had." Read the full post -- with more photos -- at The Knitting Doctor. See also: The Swift in Cork.

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Photos: Smart Alec at Tasman Glacier Lake, New Zealand

"I was glad my Smart Alec was so comfortable since I spent most of the time carrying one of my two girls while hiking." "Tom Bihn Smart Alec at Tasman Glacier Lake, my daughter decided it was time to take a nap on the hike." Thanks to Kris W. Jones for the great photos. See more photos -- and larger versions of the above photos -- on our Facebook page.

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Innovation in Travel Accessories: Tom Bihn Laptop Keyboard Cover

Posted at: James' Europe Travel Blog By James Martin, Guide to Europe "I'm not a "cheap stuff" sorta guy. When I buy a bag or travel accessory, I want to make sure the design and manufacturing folks have thought things out. I don't want the sort of industrial garbage in which innovation is measured by how much the company can save by removing features or using inferior material while maintaining the same price. Sometimes they even have the unmitigated gall to claim that the (new and improved!) hobbled product is better or safer because of it (think about that...

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"This is a company and a product I highly recommend."

From the {position: relative;} blog: "I’ve had an Olive/Wasabi Small Cafe Bag from Tom Bihn for almost 8 years. I love this bag - it’s the perfect size, it looks cool, and it’s very clean-lined. One of the buckles broke yesterday. I emailed customer service about 15 minutes ago and have already gotten a response - they offered to fix it for free. But I decided to order a new one, because my old one is getting a bit frayed (and I can try a new color). This is a company and a product I highly recommend."

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Brad Isbell of OBOW: TravelSmith Interview

Many of you -- the readers of this blog -- are also readers of One Bag, One World (for those of you who don't: OBOW is a blog featuring news, reviews, tips and tricks for light travelers.) Our Aeronaut and Western Flyer bags have been reviewed at One Bag, One World, in addition to being widely discussed in the OBOW forums. TravelSmith recently interviewed Brad Isbell, founder of OBOW. In the interview, Isbell tells of learning how to travel light and gives advice to fellow travelers. It's a good interview and will definitely be of interest to those of you...

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"Super Ego Arrives" (Pictures!)

"But quickly, from what I gather, the bag [The Super Ego] has impressive build quality, lots of room, and is not as intimidatingly huge as I feared it would be. It is noticeably bigger than the ID, much like you'd put a side-by-side comparison between a MBP 17 against a MBP 15, that type of ratio. But from an aesthetic point of view, the bag's size shouldn't be feared at all, I am only 5' 9" (albeit on the heavy build side), and the bag doesn't look disproportionate." Read lpotr4's entire review (with more pictures!) in the TOM BIHN Forums....

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TOM BIHN Prototype "Checkpoint Friendly" Bag: Success!

Recently, Tom and Darcy flew to a select U.S. airport to consult with TSA staff, testing Tom's prototype of a new checkpoint friendly briefcase. Quoting the TSA: "One project we're currently working on that has been widely discussed on the Internet and several blogs is a "checkpoint friendly" laptop bag. This bag would allow our officers a clear, unobstructed view of the laptop and allow passengers to keep the laptop in the bag during screening." At the airport, we were given exclusive access to an x-ray machine and conveyor for the testing process. We tested Tom's prototype briefcase in every...

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