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TechnoBuffalo Review of the Ristretto for the 11" MacBook Air

"I managed to pack my laptop, camcorder, laptop AC adapter, extra camera battery, and a bunch of cables and data cards into my Ristretto with room to spare. And between the lighter weight of the Air and the smaller size of the Ristretto, my gear bag was easily half the size and weight of the bag I took to last year’s CES." Read the entire review by Noah Kravitz at TechnoBuffalo. Watch the video review:

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Photo by Beck Trench: What's in my TOM BIHN Ristretto?

See the original photo by Beck Trench via Flickr. See also: the Ristretto for the 11" MacBook Air.

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Photos by holoholo: Tri-Star Adventures 2010

"Got my Tri-Star used but with the Absolute Strap (which is one of the greatest things ever) in September. When I was looking to get the Tri-Star I wasn't really sure what other bag would fit in the middle, but going by the dimensions I decided to go with the Ristretto for iPad to carry a netbook (don't have an ipad). Needed this to One Bag it on my travels. This is the first trip with the Tri-Star, a 4 day trip to Vegas in October. The Ristretto worked just fine, pulled it out as my in flight bag, and...

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Introducing 16" Color Key Straps in Wasabi and Cayenne

In the beginning of December, we introduced 8" Color Key Straps in Plum, Crimson, and Olive. You liked them (we even briefly sold out) but also wanted a 16" version. Here they are: Color Key Straps in 16" length in colors Wasabi and Cayenne. $3. Available for order now; ships immediately.

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In stock: Color Key Strap, Size Air13 Cache, Size 1 Horizontal Brain Cell

Now in-stock and shipping within one business day: Color Key Strap in Plum, Crimson, and Olive. Size Air13 Cache (designed specifically for the 13" MacBook Air) Size 1 Horizontal Brain Cell

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Photo Hint at New Accessory Debuting Tomorrow...

Can you guess what it is? Find out tomorrow at 11:00am PST. It's something many of you have asked for.

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Video by maverick: What You Can Pack in the Imago

Discuss maverick's video in the TOM BIHN Forums. See also: the Imago.

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Photos by eVolcre: Imago at Wudang, the Golden Temple, China

"I'm going to have to save a detailed writeup for later but here are a few pictures of my trusty Imago (the 'MAN BAG') up on Wudang Mountain in China." See more photos by eVolcre in the TOM BIHN Forums. See also: the Imago.

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Charles Apple on the Absolute Strap

"Although the folks at Tom Bihn offered — via Twitter, no less — to rush it to me in South Africa, I saved the shipping expense and had them send it to Virginia Beach. It was waiting for me when I got home. And let me tell you, this strap is awesome. It’s wide and comfortable and stretchy. It places much less of a burden on my tired, aging shoulder than the [other manufacturers] strap ever did. All travel bags should come with the Absolute Shoulder Strap. Or something like it." Read the entire post. See also: the Absolute Shoulder...

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