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yarnopfile photo: family trip to Greece...sponsored by Bihn?

family trip to greece...sponsored by bihn?

"It sure looked that way, especially once we opened our luggage. Either that or we sponsored Tom's next trip :) (By the way, Tom, my whole family recommends Greece.)

This is my mom right after we met up at DIA, for a family trip to Greece.
Before you are 4 Aeronauts (one is a breve, the other 3 have fancy-pants lining colors), a Smart Alec (belonging to my brother, Alec), and one Small Cafe bag. What you can't see are the countless pouches, cubes, wallets & keeping the insides neat & happy. Unfortunately, since we were packing light many other TB bags had to be left at home :(
This was the family's first time using TB luggage...they fell in love at first site & again on each of the mornings that we packed up to move to a new locale. Even the woman working the Luftsana counter in Frankfurt wanted one!"

Read the entire thread and see a larger version of the above photo posted by yarnopfile in the TOM BIHN Forums.

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