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Why we finish the seams

Why we finish the seams

What you're probably looking at in this photo of the Co-Pilot bag is the iPad 2 (inside of a Cache) or iPhone. Notice too the finished seams of the pocket I'm holding back to reveal the iPhone. We forget to tell you that we finish all of the seams on the inside of all of our bags because we can't imagine why anyone wouldn't. But we're reminded, when we see bags from other manufacturers, that not everyone does. Here's why we finish the seams: #1 - so the cut edges of the fabric won't fray - frayed fabric can get caught in zippers and eventually can allow the seam to fail; #2 - finished seems will look and feel better to you, the user; #3 - lastly, they let you know we take this sewing thing seriously - we're not trying to get it done and out the door as quickly as possible.

- Tom

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