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Wasabi and Iberian: So Good They're Gone

TOM BIHN Travel Stuff Sacks in Iberian and Wasabi
Travel Stuff Sacks in Iberian and Wasabi.

Background for those of you new to us: we're fans of color, variety, and high quality fabrics. That means our fabrics are the best out there and most of them are custom-produced especially for us in colors we design in-house. For a company of our (pretty small) size, we offer a wide variety of colors and custom-produced fabrics: it's more fun for us and more fun for you that way. One of the fabrics most associated with our bags is our Dyneema/nylon ultralight rip-stop fabric, made for us in Japan. Our Dyneema/nylon fabric is usually made and offered in four colors at any given time. Recently, Solar, a bright yellow, was replaced with Wasabi, a slightly less bright yellow green. Wasabi is a classic TOM BIHN color and one we've used as a lining fabric in various bags for over ten years. We figured Wasabi would be popular as a Dyneema/nylon color, but we didn't realize just how popular it would be...

You might have noticed many new color combinations up for pre-order are lined in Steel or Ultraviolet (iPad, 11", and 13" Ristretto in Steel/Steel or Aubergine/Steel, Western Flyer in Aubergine/Steel, Co-Pilot in Steel/Steel) and not Wasabi or Iberian. Don't worry: we're not giving up on those two colors. Here's what's going on: Wasabi and Iberian have been so much in demand that they're temporarily gone. The geniuses we work with in Japan to produce Wasabi and Iberian Dyneema/nylon are at work on the next batches of these fabrics but it will likely be a couple of months before we receive them. And once the fabric is received, our Seattle factory crew will begin work on the next batches of Wasabi and Iberian lined bags, but getting from cut fabric to finished bags takes time. That means we should be seeing more bags in Iberian and Wasabi sometime January - March 2013.

And here's a shout-out for Steel and Ultraviolet. Some folks worry that Steel might be too dark as a lining color. We understand the concern, and though we think it's definitely subjective, we don't find the Steel to be too dark. First: we never lined our bags with black fabric. In fact, we specifically chose the shade and lightness of grey known as Steel (yes, we even choose our own grey) because it's light enough to serve as a lining fabric, yet strong enough to hold its own as a
conservative inner or outer color. Ultraviolet separates those of us who are fans of purple and those who aren't: if you do like purple, chances are you'll appreciate Ultraviolet, as it pairs well with just about every other color we offer.

If you've been thinking of ordering bags made out of, or lined with, Wasabi or Iberian Dyneema for the holidays or at least before the end of the year, we'd recommend ordering now. Below is a partial list of the bags still available in Wasabi and Iberian. When they're gone, they won't be back until early 2013.

Travel Stuff Sacks
Yarn Stuff Sacks
Travel Tray
Packing Cube Backpack (Aeronaut)
Clear Quarter Packing Cube
Shop Bag
Dyneema/nylon Organizer Pouches

Travel Stuff Sacks in Steel and Ultraviolet
Travel Stuff Sacks in Steel and Ultraviolet, the two colors we will have available through the end of the year.

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