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Updates on new and upcoming designs

A local friend who knits has given us good feedback on the Knitting Needle Case and Tom is continuing to refine its design.

Tom will be working with the Seattle factory today on some minor manufacturing issues regarding the Camera Insert. It's still in development and we hope to release it soon.

The Diaper Bag concept is something Tom has been working on for several years; it consists of a few components that are completely new to our manufacturing process. One non-sewn component, which will hopefully be made to our specifications in California, has a sub-component that we were promised delivery on almost two years ago. This sub-component has no comparable replacement anywhere in the world and we just last week received an updated sample. Sure, we could have released something sooner, but it wouldn't be the hyper-cool thing we envision. Bottom Line: the Diaper Bag is still under development and due to circumstances beyond our control, its release date is unknown.

There's lots more in the works, but these are the three designs that you most often ask us for updates on. Stay tuned!

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