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Tom Explains Materials: Straight Slit and Bias Cut

Tom Introduces Forest Green 1050d Ballistic Nylon
Olive, Wasabi, Cayenne, Sapphire, Storm, and Plum straight slit 500 and 1000d Cordura.

The fabrics we use to trim or edge our bags are often the same as our other fabrics but slit up into specific widths. Some materials are either "straight slit" (cut with the weave of the fabric, parallel to the warp) while others are "bias cut" (cut at 45 degrees to the weave). The bias cut trim goes around corners better (like on the flap of the ID); the straight slit is used where crazy curves aren't an issue like on the handles of the Swift or the Color Key Straps. The specific width the fabric is slit to will depend the end use, and will match the size of the specialized folder on the whichever sewing machine is being used for that specific assembly.
- Tom

Tom Introduces Forest Green 1050d Ballistic Nylon
Straight slit 500 denier Cordura in Cayenne, ready to be sewn up in to Color Key Straps.

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