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The Story of the Skookum Dog Bat

The Bat in these photos has been chewed on by Ichiro, Lily, Riley, and now Kasper for over a year now. It's been snowed on, left out in the rain, dried in the sun, and otherwise not very well cared for. Other than a chomp to the ear, it's looking pretty good.

When we decided to offer stuffed toys as part of Skookum Dog, we put our initial prototypes through the same test; gave them to our dogs who enjoy chewing on stuffed toys but obviously don't immediately destroy them. This gave us confidence that the toys we designed were tough enough. After much searching, we found a factory right here in the USA to make our toys as we're not stuffed toy making experts ourselves. Plus, we were pretty proud to give another USA factory some work.

The Bat debuted when we debuted Skookum Dog and it was met with mixed reviews: some people and their dogs loved the Bat, their experiences much like ours. Other people told us their dogs immediately destroyed the bats, and they felt that wasn't very cool considering they'd just spent a good amount on a Made in USA dog toy. We tell you all this so you can be forewarned: the Bat is not particularly tougher or more chew-proof than most other plush toys, be they made for human children or be they made for dogs. If your dog doesn't destroy stuffed toys, we think all will be swell. If they do? We'd recommend going with a tougher toy instead such as Katie's Bumpers.

Will we make debut more Skookum Dog stuffed toys? Maybe. Maybe not. We've already got several pretty cool designs in the wings, including a sloth and armadillo, and it'd be fun to introduce those. Maybe you can help us decide: if you order a Bat for your dog, let us know how you guys like it.

The Story of the Skookum Dog Bat | TOM BIHN

The Story of the Skookum Dog Bat | TOM BIHN

The Story of the Skookum Dog Bat | TOM BIHN

The Story of the Skookum Dog Bat | TOM BIHN

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