April 16, 2013

The new Handle Loop

Handle Loop w/O-ring

Handle Loop w/O-ringClear Organizer Wallet clipped to a Handle Loop w/O-ring.

The Handle Loop is a loop of webbing that allows you to add a grab handle or wrist loop to many of our Organizer Pouches and Cubes. Its length is fully adjustable thanks to a clever slide part that provides enough friction to keep the Handle Loop snugged around your wrist: even if pushed to the end of the Handle Loop, it won't come off. $3. In stock and ships within one business day. And available in two versions:

Handle Loop with Snaphook: This version, with a small-but-tough swivel snaphook, is designed to clip to a 3D Clear, Mesh, or Dyneema®/nylon Organizer Cube, a Side Effect, your keys, a knife, a multitool, or a flashlight.

Handle Loop with O-ring: June, our Vice President of Production, came up with this one -- it has an O-ring instead of a snaphook at the end, so it's designed to clip to any of our accessories that already have a snaphook, such as our Organizer Pouches.

Handle Loop with SnaphookHandle Loop w/Snaphook clipped to a 3D Clear Organizer Cube in Ultraviolet Dyneema/nylon.

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