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The Gadgeteer review of the Little Swift

"When I think of Tom Bihn bags, I think of laptop and gear bags. There are several Tom Bihn bags in my house, including an 8 or 9 year old Empire Builder that has been used every day since its purchase and still looks almost like new. I don’t typically think of knitting or purses when I think of Tom Bihn, but that’s exactly where my thoughts were when I was checking out their website recently. Tom Bihn had actually designed a bag for knitters some time ago. He worked in conjunction with the readers of Knitty magazine to design the Swift tote bag that could carry around a knitter’s work-in-progress, yarns, needles, and other supplies. I’m not a knitter, so I didn’t really give it much thought when I first saw it. They’ve recently introduced a smaller version of the Swift, called the Little Swift, which is exactly the same design but only 80% of the Swift’s size. They also had the bag in a new fabric that caught my eye. The Little Swift in Vulcana Hemp/Recycled Rubber was on its way to my house as quickly as I could get my credit card out of my wallet."

Read the full review by Janet Cloninger at the Gadgeteer.

TOM BIHN Little Swift review by the Gadgeteer

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