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travel tray

dang reviews the Travel Tray by TOM BIHN

dang: Travel Tray Review (through the TSA security checkpoint)

"Just used the Travel Tray on a recent trip to Panama. It really made going through the TSA security checkpoint a breeze. Not sure if I read about it here or in another forum but what I did was put my 311 liquids in a quart ziplock bag and put that in the travel tray and the travel tray in my bag. When I got to the security checkpoint I took the tray out of the bag and the quart ziplock with my liquids out of the tray. I then put my watch, phone, etc (basically everything in my pockets...

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New use for the TOM BIHN Travel Tray: photo by Simply Bike

Photo: new use for the Travel Tray

Photo by Simply Bike from their post: "our time in romania…" The photo shows the daughter of the authors with her great-grandparents. See also: the Travel Tray

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flitcraft's review of the TOM BIHN Travel Tray

flitcraft's review of the Travel Tray

Read the full review -- and responses from other TOM BIHN Forum members -- here. I bought the Travel Tray on a whim when making a holiday order from Tom Bihn. In the interests of full disclosure, I'm pretty hard-core about traveling light, so any extra weight--even a few ounces--has to pay its freight and then some. Having said that, I travel a lot internationally, but not to four star international chain hotels. So, unlike a lot of light packers who insist that you shouldn't pack things that you *might* need, I prefer to pack a lot of items that...

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Gadgeteer reviews the TOM BIHN Travel Tray

The Gadgeteer reviews our Travel Tray

"We’ve all done this… We get to our travel destination and take all the stuff out of our pockets and dump it on the nearest table. At some point or another, we have problems finding object x because we set it down somewhere in our room and can’t remember where. The Travel Tray from Tom Bihn is an elegant and easy to use solution to this problem. It will keep all your doodads and whatsits in one place so you’ll never have to run around your hotel room trying to find a misplaced item."

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New use for he Travel Tray

New use for the Travel Tray

"Latest use for Travel Tray: Airplane picnic basket. I packed mine with plastic bags of crackers, cheese, fruit, etc., and pulled the drawstring shut. On the plane I took it out and folded the top back, so my food was sitting in it instead of on the tray table, and when I was done I could just close it up again with the leftovers and cracker crumbs and pop it back in my carry-on (Smart Alec with a Little Swift and Yarn Stuff Sack inside, and the Western Flyer in the overhead bin). Thanks TB!" -- Posted by AlexD in...

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

From all of us here at TOM BIHN, we wish you a Merry Christmas. That's our Travel Tray and Katy's Citrus Butter Cookies (recipe from The Pioneer Woman).

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