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packing cubes

TOM BIHN Packing Cubes in the Smart Alec

Using Packing Cubes in the Smart Alec (photos)

In the Forums, bchaplin asked: "I am considering the Smart Alec backpack for certain trips where I want to travel light, or at least as an excursion bag if I want to leave my main suitcase in the hotel and take a short side trip. (I am NOT an ultralight traveler!) If it is not holding any computer equipment, which packing cubes, and how many, fit well in this bag?" Various forum members added their thoughts to bchaplin's forum thread and we decided to respond in photos. A little background: our Packing Cubes are designed to help you organize and...

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The Aeronaut by TOM BIHN with Travel Stuff Sacks

Photos: Travel Stuff Sacks in the Aeronaut

These two photos should give you an idea of how many of what size Travel Stuff Sacks you can fit in our Aeronaut maximum carry-on travel bag. The triangles with numbers on them indicate which size of Travel Stuff Sack (Size 1, 2, 3, or 4) you're seeing. Note that in this photo, the Travel Stuff Sacks in the main compartment of the Aeronaut are on top of the Aeronaut Packing Cube, Large packed with several pairs of pants, as seen in the first photo.

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Best Use for Packing Cubes Ever

apbailey: Best use of packing cubes - EVER!

"So I flew to my hometown, Kalamazoo, and borrowed my dad's new convertible (or what I call his "minor mid-life crisis") to drive 4.5 hours up north to spend a week on a lake with friends I've known since the 3rd grade (nearly 30 years). My packed-to-the-gills Aeronaut wouldn't fit in the truck with the top down, but taking the two small packing cubes out allowed me to easily redistribute the load to fit in the minimal trunk space. Thanks to the packing cubes, I was able to drive around with the top down for a great summer drive!" Read...

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peregrina packs an Aeronaut for a three week trip

peregrina: three weeks in Europe with Aeronaut, Imago, and Medium Cafe Bag

"We leave on May 14th and come back on June 6th. Three weeks is not that long and i decided to pack less than what I packed last time." Read the full post -- with more great photos -- on peregrina's Building Bridges blog. And if you have any questions for peregrina about her packing strategies, you can post them in the TOM BIHN Forums. See also: the Aeronaut

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Removable tie-down or compression straps are included with the Aeronaut travel bag

Light travel experts weigh in on packing techniques

kjm3579 posted in the TOM BIHN Forums that s/he was ready to buy an Aeronaut but was told online that it wasn't ideal for the bundle packing method because it doesn't have tie-down/compression straps (not accurate; Tom added removable tie-down/compression straps to the Aeronaut in 2010) and that it doesn't have much "flat space" (this is why the Tri-Star, with its ample flat space, might be a better option for those who want to bundle pack.) Frank II, owner and author of One Bag, One World (OBOW) replied: "As the owner of a site dedicated to light, one bag travel,...

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TOM BIHN Tardis Packing Cube

Tardis Packing Cube

Curious to find out what other folks can fit in their TOM BIHN bags? Check out the Packing Lists section of our forums.

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