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Co-Pilot as a DSLR camera bag

Photo: Co-Pilot as a DSLR camera bag

Before the debut of the Camera I-O, we often used the Co-Pilot as a camera bag for our Canon 7D, lenses and accessories. The Co-Pilot was designed by Tom as a personal-sized carry-on travel bag and, even though it doesn't have built-in padding, we felt our camera gear was adequately protected inside of the bag. When deltagorno posted in the TOM BIHN Forums to ask if the Co-Pilot could fit a DSLR and lenses, we responded with the below photo and others -- see them all in "Q about Co-Pilot: Considering for SLR Camera Bag" in the Forums.

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ncb4 on the Co-Pilot as a camera bag

ncb4: Cardinal Co-Pilot as camera bag for DSLR kit (Part I)

"This is an ad hoc solution, nowhere near as elegant as the brand new Insert/Outsert. But if you have a smaller DSLR, or any of the smaller mirrorless micro-4/3 or other ILCs (interchangeable lens cameras), and/or you don’t carry as much gear around with you, and/or you’re just taking your camera and a spare lens out with you for a photo excursion, I think the Co-Pilot is an excellent choice." Main compartment: •Olympus e620 DSLR with 25mm pancake lens attached •Billingham single insert with camera inside •Olympus 40-150mm Zuiko lens (the older, faster, and larger version), in soft pouch •Olympus...

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Co-Pilot and Cafe Bags Brave the Snow

Co-Pilot and Cafe Bags Brave the Snow

"Co-Pilot, Medium Cafe Bag and Small Cafe Bag on a family walk. In addition to our personal stuff, we each carried hot chocolate in water bottles in our bags." Posted by Walker in the TOM BIHN Forums.

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