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citizen canine

"I couldn't be happier with the bag."

Below is an email we recently received from G. "I wanted to compliment you on the outstanding products you provide. I recently purchased the Citizen Canine and I absolutely loved it so much I needed to have more of your great products that I went ahead and purchased the Ristretto for the 13 in mac. I couldn't be happier with the bag. It has so much room, yet looks very compact, I get compliments about it all the time. Some food for thought, a cell phone pouch on the shoulder strap would be nice. Although I love the organization capabilities...

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Buster checks out his Citizen Canine

Citizen Canine: Best Pet Tavel Gear of 2012

Go Pet Friendly has chosen the Citizen Canine as the best treat bag in their Best Pet Tavel Gear of 2012 series. Now they're giving you the chance to win a Citizen Canine of your own: visit Go Pet Friendly for the details.

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Ililani waits for her TOM BIHN Citizen Canine

Photo: Ililani waits for the Citizen Canine

"This is Ililani, our new family addition! She's a rescue that's been with us for about a month now, and she is very excited that I FINALLY placed my order for her Citizen Canine today! I expect the twice-a-day walks will be much more fun!" Posted by MagicTiki in the TOM BIHN Forums -- read the full thread.

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Tom Bihn (with Riley) works late on a new bag design

Popwuping: Tom Bihn on design (2009)

"The design process is always evolving and varies from one bag to the next. The constant operating principal behind the process is this: I don't want to make something that is already out there. It has to be unique - work better, look better, last longer, fills a niche that no one else has filled. I keep in mind that, because our products last (almost) forever, I have a responsibility to make them be very useful and as handsome as possible as well: I personally don't like being around things that are not please to the hand and eye, especially...

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Patti and Dudley at a Rescue A Golden Meet and Greet

Photo: Patti, Dudley and the Citizen Canine

Above: Patti and Dudley the Golden volunteering at a Rescue A Golden of Arizona Meet and Greet with their Citizen Canine. Rescue a Golden has been rescuing Golden Retrievers and finding new permanent homes for them since 1998.

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Seattle Dog Spot reviews the TOM BIHN Ciitzen Canine

Seattle Dog Spot: Citizen Canine Review

"The Citizen Canine bag was clearly designed by a dog lover who understood the daily hide and seek game we play to find all our doggy provisions for walks." Read the full review at Seattle Dog Spot. See also: the Citizen Canine. And, if you're a Seattle area person, make sure to check out the Adopt Me! section where Seattle Dog Spot highlights great dogs (like Abe) looking for homes.

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Krebs Recycle Dog Leashes and the TOM BIHN Citizen Canine

New Colors of Krebs Recycle Dog Leashes

We've added three new colors of Krebs Recycle Dog Leashes: Green, Silver, and Purple White. Note that Purple White is a very limited edition color; we only have a small quantity. Krebs Recycle leashes are made from recycled climbing rope and our recycled 500d Cordura and they're the only dog leashes we use. Krebs Recycle leashes are available for order with our Citizen Canine dog walking/training bag or separately.

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Baily with his TOM BIHN Citizen Canine

Bailey with his Citizen Canine

Thanks to gizmo for sharing this photo of Bailey and his Citizen Canine.

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The Gadgeteer reviews the Citizen Canine

Gadgeteer: Citizen Canine review

"I love tech. I love my dog. I really love things that allow me to use tech in relation to other things in my life, like my dog, Jack. Tom Bihn, a premier bag maker in Seattle, has a great specialty bag called the Citizen Canine which can help you keep all your “dog stuff” in one place. I was sent the black version with the Steel grid interior to test." Read the full review at the Gadgeteer. See also: the Citizen Canine.

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Dog Jaunt Reviews the Citizen Canine

Dog Jaunt reviews the Citizen Canine

"The Tom Bihn products we own are beautifully designed and very well made. They wear like iron. They’re also costly, but given their advantages, that’s been a downside I can accept. So it is with the Citizen Canine." Read the full review at Dog Jaunt.

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