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checkpoint flyer

Simply Bike: travel with kids: packing made light for a week in san francisco

travel with kids: packing made light for a week in san francisco

"The beauty of the Aeronaut is that it is the absolute largest it can be while still qualifying as a carry-on bag. This meant that every aircraft, from the huge international carriers to the tiny domestic ones, allowed us to bring the bags on board and we were able to fit them into the carry-on compartment above our seats. This was especially important to us when flying overseas after our San Francisco trip, as we had our baby’s bed in the Aeronaut, to which we wanted access as soon as we arrived in Romania." Read the full post at Simply...

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Bags for 10 day US Go Association convention

RedBeard: Bags for 10 day US Go Association trip

"Here is our regular travel set, a Aeronaut and Checkpoint Flyer for me and Tri-Star with ID for my partner, on the way to the 10 day US Go Association convention last summer. Each of us packed 3 days of casual clothes, 1 set of formal clothes with shoes, and sleep ware. Spread across the bags are also 1 laptop and 2 cameras with power bricks, 3 hats, toiletries, laundry gear, and assorted travel accessories." Read the full post by Red Beard in the Forums.

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American Station: U.S. bags for every occasion

American Station: U.S. Bags for Every Occasion

"Tom Bihn has done it. The Checkpoint Flyer Briefcase is a laptop bag that passes checkpoint screening while the laptop is still inside of the laptop bag. Previously, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) required that all passengers traveling with a laptop computer must remove their laptop from their bag and place it in a bin for screening. The design by Tom Bihn meets new TSA guidelines that offer a clear and unobstructed image of the laptop in the bag when undergoing X-ray screening, yet are still protective. Tom Bihn has met the TSA’s design challenge. Even better, this bag is...

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