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camera insert

Camera I-O review by About This Particular Macintosh

About This Particular Macintosh reviews the Camera I-O

"In November 2011, I embarked upon a secret mission to east Africa. I used a legitimate trip to adopt our family’s third child as my cover. The mission? To field test a classified piece of gear, suitable for secret agents and civilian travelers alike. The gear was an unannounced product from Tom Bihn, and last month, the good folks there decided to lift the veil of secrecy. The Camera I-O was revealed to the world, and the best part is that it won’t cost you “one miiiiiiiillion dollars” to obtain it." Read the full review by Christopher Turner at About...

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Video: Using the Camera I-O

Dan shows you how to use the padded dividers of the Camera I-O. "What I love the most about the I-O divider system, is that it fully protects my camera and lenses from colliding with each other, without slowing me down in the field."

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New Camera I-O Video by Dan

In this video, Dan shows you what he often puts into his Camera I-O bag. "With the help of time-lapse photography and way too much coffee, I'll show you how I load all my equipment into the I-O in less than 20 seconds."

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Brian Stowell's Camera I-O and Brain Bag review

Brian Stowell's Camera I-O review

"My work has very particular needs and quirks. I travel with bands selling merchandise and taking photos - meaning I'm gone for weeks at a time (often 2-3 or more). I live out of two bags: my Brain Bag and my Aeronaut. The Brain Bag is my "mobile office". The only time I'm not carrying it and working directly out of it, is when I'm asleep. For shorter trips (7-10 days), I use my Tri-Star. I never get to unpack during that time. I travel by plane, tour bus, van, cab and more. Everything needs to be as condensed and...

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misterN's review of the Camera I-O

misterN's Camera I-O review

"When we eventually arrived at the Hoover Dam, we decided it would be an exceptionally awesome idea to go out onto the pedestrian part of the new Pat Tillman Bridge and take pictures looking back onto the Hoover Dam. I didn’t want to take my Super Ego loaded with my computing devices—so I just took the [Camera I-O] Insert as a stand alone with an Absolute Strap attached (the Absolute Strap is probably overkill—the standard strap that comes with the Ristretto or Cadet would work great for this.) After the lovely time taking pictures on the bridge that is an...

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How the Camera I-O fits the Canon 5D+battery grip

How a Canon 5d+battery grip fits in the Camera I-O

The above photos show a Canon 5D with a battery grip (this combination approximates the size of the body of the Canon 1D) in the Camera I-O. As you can see, it's a tight squeeze, but it does fit.

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TOM BIHN Camera I-O (Insert/Outsert) bag

Introducing the Camera I-O (ready to ship)

The Camera I-O (Insert-Outsert) is designed to help you carry your DSLR body, several lenses, an external flash, and accessories. Originally conceived as a padded insert to be added to our Brain Bag backpack (the Camera I-O also fits in the Super Ego, Ego, Empire Builder, ID and Aeronaut) we've added features so that it can also be used as a great, stand-alone, shoot-from-the-hip photo bag. The Camera I-O ($110) and optional Tripod-Lighting Kit Quivers ($40-$45) are available for order now and ship within one business day. Included with the Camera I-O are four padded dividers designed to allow you...

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Camera Insert/Outsert Trailer

We're not fans of movie trailers that give away the whole story, so our trailer for Tom's new design -- the Camera Insert/Outsert -- is more of a teaser. Dig out your 3D glasses and stay tuned: we'll be releasing the long-awaited Camera Insert/Outsert (and more videos) within the next few days.

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Photo: Tom Bihn Brain Bags carry our gear to Rwanda

Photo: Tom Bihn Brain Bags carry our gear to Rwanda

Left: a 2002 Brain Bag in Sapphire. Right: a 2011 Brain Bag in Black. Posted by retrophisch on Flickr. See also: the Brain Bag.

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