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The Travelite FAQ reviews TOM BIHN Travel Stuff Sacks

The Travelite FAQ reviews Travel Stuff Sacks

"So what does Tom Bihn say is different between the Yarn Stuff Sacks and these new Travel Stuff Sacks? The difference is actually pretty subtle, but it makes a difference when you’re packing these in your main luggage. Unlike the Yarn Stuff Sacks, its Travel cousin has an oval (or oblong) bottom, which allows it to lie flatter." Read the full review at The Travelite FAQ.

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Travel Stuff Sack in the end pocket of the Aeronaut

OBOW: Travel Stuff Sacks review

Excerpt: "While I’m not usually a user or fan of stuff sacks—I much prefer packing cubes—I agreed to give them a try. I’m becoming a convert. Not only are they well made but I’m finding uses for them that help to fill the nooks and crannies of my bag. (I like the fact they can be molded to fit almost any space. Not so with a packing cube.)" Travel Stuff Sack, Size 2, in Iberian in the end pocket of the Aeronaut. Read the full review at One Bag, One World. See also: our Travel Stuff Sacks What's really cool:...

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Why the Tom Bihn Tri-Star is the Perfect Carry-On

American Station: Why the Tri-Star is the Perfect Carry-On

Excerpt: "I’ve been traveling lately — from Chicago for my college roommate’s bachelor party to Jackson, Miss., for work and to hear my father-in-law play bass for the Uncle Sam Band. I’ve also been to New Orleans for a friend’s wedding and to the Mississippi Delta for the opening of a civil war tourist site in Helena, Ark. I drove to some destinations and flew to others. I stayed in hotels, condos, and the Shack Up Inn (look it up). Though each trip required different wardrobes and different equipment, I managed to successfully get to each destination and enjoy each...

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TOM BIHN Cadet is the best bag for Ultrabooks

Bob Benedetti: Cadet is the best bag for Ultrabooks

"If you are looking for a bag to carry just about anything, you can’t go wrong with a Tom Bihn product..He makes a full line from tiny utility bags to travel bags to backpacks.. I have been using one of his Ristretto bags for my iPad for over a year… I love it and it still attracts remarks for its cool look." Read the full review by Bob Benedetti @ Home Technology Montreal. See also: the Cadet

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TOM BIHN Super Ego as a messenger bag

Lufthansa Flyer: I Have Found The PERFECT Carry On Bag

"As I’ve mentioned throughout, I am very pleased with this bag [the Super Ego]. It is built from the highest quality ballistic nylon and is assembled very well. I absolutely love the pockets and compartments that exist throughout the bag. With my travel habits, I tend to build up a lot of little bits and pieces like ticket stubs, loose change, etc. and now I have a lot of convenient places to stow those things! I could not find any flaws with it’s construction and look forward to traveling with this bag. Being made in the USA is a big...

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Gadgeteer reviews the TOM BIHN Travel Tray

The Gadgeteer reviews our Travel Tray

"We’ve all done this… We get to our travel destination and take all the stuff out of our pockets and dump it on the nearest table. At some point or another, we have problems finding object x because we set it down somewhere in our room and can’t remember where. The Travel Tray from Tom Bihn is an elegant and easy to use solution to this problem. It will keep all your doodads and whatsits in one place so you’ll never have to run around your hotel room trying to find a misplaced item."

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Camera Obscura: Synapse best travel backpack for photogaphers

Camera Obscura: Synapse best travel daypack for photographers

"My search has finally ended. I have a huge collection of day packs which I use both day to day and more importantly when traveling. I have tried many dedicated photo day packs but have never been happy as I always have other stuff with me. My new TOM BIHN Synapse day pack fits the bill perfectly. It allows me to carry all kinds of stuff and a DSLR and a compact system with ease. Made in the USA with the highest quality materials this is one sweet bag." Read the full review (with additional photos) on Camera Obscura.

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GeekyGuide Review of the Cadet

"With all the positive things we mentioned above, the Cadet is certainly a bag/briefcase to have. It guarantees maximum protection for your laptop and iPad. It is also very functional and allows you to keep your things organized inside your bag. Made of superior materials, the Cadet is sure to last for a long time." Read the full review at GeekyGuide.

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Sole Sisters Gear Review: TOM BIHN Tri-Star travel bag

Sole Sisters gear review: Tri-Star

"Admittedly, I’ve been through quite a few men bags since I started traveling extensively 4 years ago. Some of them have been acquired on impulse or hand me downs. And as you may know, relationships like that can never last long. Some had been exhaustively researched and deemed as investments. But somewhere along way, I've felt shortchanged when their performance turned out to be unimpressive. This time, I've found a keeper. Could he [The Tri-Star] also be The One for you?"

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BLiNK Perspectives on Design by HDR review of the Smart Alec

BLiNK Perspectives on Design by HDR review of the Smart Alec

"I spent quite a bit of time researching backpacks when I started commuting to the city by train. I didn’t want a backpack that had tons of zippers, pockets and gadgets – something too outdoorsy. I wanted a backpack that was stylish, secure, and made in the USA. Thankfully, I found the Smart Alec backpack by Tom Bihn. It’s been through five months of use and abuse now and I am ready to review it." Read the full review by John Gresko at BLiNK.

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