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Synapses for the Undead?

A few weeks ago, we received an order for a couple of dozen of our Synapse backpacks from Undead Labs for their employees as holiday gifts.

They look normal enough, but these people are trained zombie fighters. So, if you see one of them on the bus, or waiting in line in front of you for an espresso, and they have a Synapse with the "Undead Labs" logo embroidered on it, give 'em a nod of appreciation and say "thanks for a zombie-free planet" (unless they look like the walking dead, in which case we've made a terrible mistake.)

P.S. We don't do embroidery in-house, but we can often work with customers who want a batch of embroidered bags - give us a call (1-800-729-9607) to discuss your needs.

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