April 28, 2017

Sketchbook + Pen For You (From Tom)

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TOM BIHN Square Notebook and writes-in-four-colors Pen

As I've mentioned before, I've grown very fond of square sketchbooks. I think that's because they don't confine me to a particular perspective. I love turning a sketch 90 or 180 degrees mid-process and discovering a new way of seeing things.

For years I'd buy my sketchbooks in Canada: they sold a very nice series of Made in Canada, square sketchbooks. Sadly they got harder to find, and I don't go north of the 49th as much as used to.

Fortunately I found a manufacturer able to make me pretty much my dream sketchbook: square, small enough to be very portable and yet still very utilitarian. Only problem was that to get it just like I wanted it, we needed to have far more of these made than I'll use in this lifetime. So, we figured we'd offer it to you guys: if you appreciate it half as much as I do, I'll be happy.

The front is printed with a simple line graphic that makes the sketchbook look like one of our Organizer Pouches. That's just for fun. The notebooks are recycled and Made in U.S.A.

Included is my favorite pen: it's the mini version of the ubiquitous Bic blue and white writes-in-four-colors pen, printed with our logo. Use each color to delineate layers, processes, ordinal priority, whatever makes sense at the moment. The pen is Made in France.

Sketchbook & Pen, $10. If purchased separately, shipping via USPS First Class Mail is $5 (U.S.) and $8-$10 (Outside of the U.S.)

TOM BIHN Square Notebook and writes-in-four-colors Pen

TOM BIHN Square Notebook and writes-in-four-colors Pen

TOM BIHN Recycled Square Notebook

TOM BIHN Writes-in-four-colors bic pen

TOM BIHN Recycled Square Notebook


Rosemary Antel - November 19, 2019

This is wonderful! I paint a lot of square paintings as I love the opportunity to design with freedom. The 4 color pen is useful as well, for quick little sketches that need a color pop or an attention getting detail. I have cut sketchbooks down to get squares, but it does not work well. Too many ragged edges.

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