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Shout-Out for Gracie and People Who Do Good

Update: minutes after we posted this, the Animal Shelter of the Wood River Valley announced that Gracie had been adopted. Pretty cool.

On a recent road trip through the West (testing some new designs, and some current designs made out of new materials) we stopped by the Iconoclast bookstore in Ketchum, Idaho. At the register, we noticed a display advertising a Labrador Retriever mix named Gracie available for adoption; she'd been at the local no-kill Animal Shelter of the Wood River Valley for a while, just waiting for the right home.

Here's what really caught our attention -- along with Gracie's photo, the animal shelter had bound a book with Gracie's photo on the cover. The title was "Gracie's Story". When we opened the book, we saw that the first page said this: "I don't have much of a story yet. Will you adopt me and help me write the rest?" and the remainder of the pages were blank.

Gracie seemed like a pretty cool dog (I never met a dog I didn't like) and if we weren't full-up in the canine department we'd have squeezed her on board with the rest of the traveling zoo. But what really struck us was how creative the folks at the Animal Shelter of the Wood River Valley were in trying to find Gracie a home. They were inventive, they cared, and it showed. As soon as we got home, we sent an email to the shelter offering a Synapse and Citizen Canine for the upcoming Dog Days of Summer auction benefitting the Animal Shelter of the Wood River Valley.

Anyway, we wanted to share this with you because:

1) We like to support non-profits who do good things for the world, and it's even better if that's done in a creative way. If you run or work for or volunteer at a non-profit that fits that description, email us: we'll see if we can donate a bag for your next auction or fundraiser. (Our Giving Back page lists some of the non-profits we've donated to.)

2) We figured one of you folks who reads our blog might be looking to add a happy-go-lucky Yellow Lab mix to your family. If that's the case, Gracie is waiting for you. Scratch that: after 9 months of living at the ASWRV and in a loving foster home, Gracie was adopted on Friday, July 6th.

Gracie is available for adoption

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