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Seriously. This bag is, without a doubt, high zoot.

Excerpt (skip right to the entire review in the TOM BIHN Forums):

"High. Zoot.

Seriously. This bag is, without a doubt, high zoot. I don’t actually
know what high zoot means, or where it comes from, but this bag has
got to be it. I first heard the phrase uttered by a midwestern
refugee who talks like they escaped a 1950’s madcap comedy starring
Archibald Alexander Leach in reference to a peer who had spent a great
deal of money on an enviable gadget of some sort, and it sort of

And this bag is enviable. The process of buying it was as good as the
result, and I’ll tell you about that a little later, but let’s talk
turkey on features first. It’s big. Eight heads in a duffle bag big.
Not that there are any rolling craniums round the manor house, but if
there were… this would be the bag to transport them with. It’s also
pretty slickly laid out with one major pocket that holds the brain
cell (not for hauling severed skulls either, so I’m not sure why they
sent me one, but it works well for a macbook pro anyway) and goodly
amount of other detritus. Like my lunch. My lunch is actually
traveling far better than it did my my old basic (in a converse chuck sort
of way) jansport two strapper. The trick is to take the lunch out of
the lunch bag and just let it be so that it can spread out over the
left over space in the flat pack pocket. The lunch kind of rides
along above my massive, I can present anywhere to anyone, with any
technology, cord collection. It’s safe, and ready for nearly instant
access in a snacky panic. Lunch is a big deal for me,
so I kind of get epic in my preparations and conveyance of my lunch.
Lunch is a sandwich, crackers, baby carrots and a banana. Epic

Read the full review, by Wonko T., in the TOM BIHN Forums.

Picture from Imago Metrics of Super Ego
Above: a picture from the Imago Metrics review of the Super Ego.

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