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Review Round-up

Reviews of our bags from around the web.

Amy of Taking Steps Home reviews the Aeronaut 45 and Packing Cube Backpack; expect to see many great photos, one of which is featured above.

Welcome to the family: Erin Brooks reviews The Parental Unit at Tools and Toys.

Everyday Commentary recently posted their review of The Parental Unit.

At Her Packing List, Brooke Schoenman reviews The Smart Alec.

Trevor Knoll at RMK Outdoors reviews the Synapse 19.

The Bowers travel the world with their Tri-Stars; read their review on Established 2010.

Digital Trends lists the Daylight Briefcase as one of their picks for best checkpoint friendly laptop bags.

Nick at Seek New Travel downsizes from an Aeronaut 45 to an Aeronaut 30.

Lawyer Heidi Anderson reviews the Synapse 19 at Law Technology Today.

Amy of The Wherever Writer took her Aeronaut on a five month trip around South America: here's her thoughts on the bag.

Sometimes it's the little things: read Victoria Diaz's review of TOM BIHN Organizer Pouches.

Zeke at Carryology details how to travel ultra-light with the Synapse 25.

Esther & Jacob travel better with the Aeronaut 30.

Frank at One Bag, One World reviews the Yeoman Duffel.

Casey Liss enlists the help of the Cadet.

Over on Love Taza, Naomi teaches how to pack (with kids!) with the Tri-Star, Travel Stuff Sacks, and the Aeronaut 45.

Henry goes 17,000 miles with his Aeronaut 30.

Rick Cameron (and his cat) review the ID -- 11 years later.

Stephen Hackett at Tools and Toys tries out the Synapse 19.

The Daylight Backpack goes on a baseball outing with Alex Foster over at Carryology.

James Turner travels the world with just a 26-liter Smart Alec.

Brian Greene, founder of OfficeSupplyGeek, measures up his Synapse 25 as a commute and laptop bag.

Well Appointed Desk matches up some knitting accessories with the Swift.

Cool Tools tries out the collapsible Travel Tray.

On a recent trip to Chicago, Victoria Diaz tries out the Synapse 19.

Amy at The Wherever Writer talks about using the Aeronaut 45 on a 5-month trip to South America.

Over on our forums, user Jagmuse gives a run-down of the Parental Unit -- diaper bag turned messenger.

On the forums, Virtus gives their view of the Cadet from the perspective of someone new to TOM BIHN.


Video Reviews:

Aeronaut 45 Packing Review by Fraser Speirs

TOM BIHN Brain Bag review by JClishe

TOM BIHN Synapse 19: Minimalist Lives out of a 19 Liter Pack (Simple Living and Travel)

TOM BIHN Synapse 19 and 25 Backpack Comparison Review by Living One Handed

TOM BIHN Founder's Briefcase Review by everythingsablur

TOM BIHN Pilot Review by everythingsablur

TOM BIHN Aeronaut 30 Review by everythingsablur

TOM BIHN - Western Flyer Review and Packing by jaffe

Review: TOM BIHN (New) Ristretto Messenger Bag by Kendall Giles

TOM BIHN Snake Charmer Packing Review by Fraser Speirs

One-Handed Tom Bihn Western Flyer Packing and Bag Review

TOM BIHN Travel Laundry Stuff Sack Packing Review

TOM BIHN Snake Charmer Review by Living One Handed

TOM BIHN Side Effect Packing Review by Fraser Speirs

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