March 22, 2021

The latest on restocks & pre-orders March - June

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3/24 Restock

Our next restock will go live on Wednesday, March 24th at 7:00am Pacific Time. 

The following bags will be available for order; or, see all of the bags on our 3/24 Restock page.


Guide's Edition Pre-Order is open; closes 3/31

The last Guide's Edition Synik 22, Guide's Edition Synik 30, and Guide's Edition Synapse 25 pre-order is open! It's the last chance to order these special edition packs. Make sure to place your pre-order by Wednesday, March 31st at 12:00pm Pacific Time, as that's when the pre-order is scheduled to close.

Next pre-order: mid/late April

Our next pre-order is tentatively scheduled to open in mid-late April. You'll be able to pre-order the following bags in typically offered colors and fabrics, as well as some special edition color fabrics.

Note: you can sign up for each of the new colors and fabrics on the pages linked below, but most of them don't have photos yet. We're finishing the photo sample bags right now at the factory and expect to have the photos up within the next two weeks.

Seeing all the new colors for each bag listed above?! We're bringing back our 1000d Cordura brights as a spring offering this year. And we're sure you're wondering what Beaver Camo is all about: it's the same 1000d texturized nylon camo that we use to make our Beaver Transport Bag for wildlife organizations.

Next restocks: Paragon, Synik 30, and more....

Below are estimated dates as to when we'll restock various bags you've been asking about. Need a specific date estimate? You're always welcome to live chat with us or

April 9th Restock

The following bags will be available for order; or, see all of the bags on our 4/9 Restock page.

Late April - Early May Restock

May-June Restocks

We'll get more specific about restock dates for the following bags as we get closer to summer!

Upcoming Pre-Orders

We're putting together ideas for the next pre-order after that mid/late April pre-order. There's a couple of new designs and new vintage TOM BIHN design reissues that could be offered... stay tuned!

And what's next after that?

Looking for the latest on which bags are available for order and ready to ship? Browse our Ready To Ship category, which is updated as more bags are restocked and made available.

We're working on restocking and keeping restocked (as best we can) all of the bags listed above. In addition to that, Tom and Nik are finalizing some aspects of new designs or iterations of existing designs. And we're testing some potential new fabrics and colors (we might even give you a chance to help test them, along the lines of the Design Lab Packing Cube Shoulder Bag in Cerylon!) 

New to TOM BIHN and wondering why more bags aren't in-stock already? 

First things first: our bags are in demand. If you're reading this, you probably want one, and lots of other people do, too. We do our best to prevent bags from selling out too quickly when they're made available for pre-order or restocked, though our ability to do so is sometimes limited due to factors outside of our control.

Next up, our bags are manufactured in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. to our exacting quality standards. That means our crew is cutting fabric, gathering buckles, zippers, and other components, and, finally, sewing bags.

In this, the day and age of “buy it now, get it today”, it’s understandable for one to wonder why it is that some of our bags aren’t immediately available. The answer is: we’re a small company of 50 people dedicated to making the best quality bags in the world right here in Seattle, Washington, USA, we are committed to measured and sustainable growth, and we offer an incredibly wide variety of designs and colors because that’s what our creativity dictates. 

We're also catching up making bags after working through much of 2020 to design and make non-medical face masks: first for Seattle-area hospitals, then for the general public, and over the course of that year, donating over 200,000 masks to elder communities, tribal nations, and food banks. 

The trade-off is that, at any given time, some bags or color combinations are In Production as opposed to In Stock, especially as we catch up making bags. 

While you might have to wait to get the bag of your dreams, our promise to you is that it'll be worth the wait, be of unparalleled quality in manufacturing and materials, and offer thoughtful, well-designed features.  

As always, we're here to help and answer questions. Don't hesitate to ask if you need a bag by a certain date or wonder when a particular color combination will be available.



Joshua Zellers - March 26, 2021

Thank you for always being transparent and keeping us informed. P.S. I would love to test some new bags and/or new materials!

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