May 30, 2017

Portable Culture Portrait: imahawki


Our Portable Culture Portrait blog series features TOM BIHN Forum members, the bags they carry, and what items they carry in their bags. It's inspired by our Portable Culture tagline. This edition features Forum member imahawki. The previous editions featured Forum members Amy, Perseffect, jujigatame and bchaplin.

What’s the most useful item that you carry?
I like to think of myself as a bit of a Boy Scout. Be Prepared. The things I carry, like multiple different style knives, flashlight, battery packs/portable chargers, USB drive, a multi-tool, and even a bottle opener fall into that category. In theory, given I’m an officer worker, live in a city, and drive to and from work, the most useful item I carry would be my iPhone. It certainly gets the most use of anything I carry. It keeps me connected, productive, and entertained. But after that, I pocket carry a Kershaw Ken Onion Chive which get’s a lot of use. Whether its opening a new delivery package, cutting a loose thread, or getting into one of those irritating clamshell packages, its one of the items that I use almost daily.

What’s your most treasured item?
This one is tough. It's probably not something I daily carry. I don’t have a pocket knife that I got from my grandfather or anything like that. My main hobbies are photography, home theater, and fountain pens. Within those categories, I would say my GoldenEar Triton One speakers and Visconti Homo Sapiens Dark Ages are two of my prize possessions. But, I tend to be more utilitarian and unattached to things I own. I frequently seek better ways to do things or more convenient, practical, or comfortable ways to carry my stuff. Examples would be the Bellroy wallet which is extremely thin for what it holds, and the Orbit Key, which I find to be an immensely more practical and useful way to carry keys and a bottle opener than a key ring.

Which item do you use more often than you thought you would?
This might gross some people out but you’ll notice that I carry a pair of fold-flat Swiss Army fingernail clippers with me. That’s because I almost never trim my nails at home. I almost always trim them at my desk at work, usually when I’m on long conference calls. In my defense, I’m extremely diligent about collecting the clippings and throwing them in my trash can. But regardless, I use the clippers a lot.

Items shown in the main photo:
1) 2011 MacBook Air - I have a cache in the Synapse for it
2) Classic Snake Charmer with miscellaneous Apple device charging cables
3) MacBook Charger
4) Anker USB charger
5) Kindle Paperwhite
6) iPhone 7 Plus
7) Bellroy Low Down Wallet
8 )Tom Bihn Synapse 25
9) Fenix E05 flashlight
10) Victorinox Classic Swiss Army Knife
11) Victorinox Swiss Army nail clippers
12) Car Key
13) Orbit Key with bottle opener, USB drive, and 2 keys
14) Kershaw Ken Onion Chive
15) Mints
16) Anker SoundBuds Slim bluetooth earbuds
17) Klipsch S4i wired earbuds
18) Small organizer pouch with antacid, tissue, Leatherman Style PS (TSA approved), SOG FLASH II Tanto (not TSA approved)
19) Kaweco Classic Sport fountain pen and Lamy Al-Star rollerball
20) Medium organizer pouch with wet wipes, small first aid kit, and sternum straps for Synapse

Note: Items 6, 7, 9, 11, 12, 13, and 14 are pocket carried.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I grew up on a farm in Iowa, attended the University of Iowa where I met my wife, and I’m a die-hard Hawkeye fan. I majored in Management Information Systems and have worked in IT Risk for over 15 years (IT Audit and Operational Risk Management covering technology). I’ve always been a music and movie lover and in college I got into home theater and stereo. That’s probably been my most consistent and deepest interest, although my wife claims my hobby is collecting hobbies. Purchasing multiple Tom Bihn bags has contributed to her evidence. I’m married and have three daughters, so our travel tends to consist of family trips, including making it to a few Iowa football and basketball games. We’re also Disneyphiles and tend to either visit Disney World or do a Disney cruise almost every year. Outside of work and family responsibilities, I run the internet forum

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