June 19, 2017

Portable Culture Portrait: cdh

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Portable Culture Portrait: cdh

Our Portable Culture Portrait blog series features TOM BIHN Forum members, the bags they carry, and the items they carry in their bags. It's inspired by our Portable Culture tagline. This edition features Forum member cdh. The previous editions featured Forum members Badger, haraya, imahwaki, Amy, Perseffect, jujigatame and bchaplin.

What’s the most useful item that you carry?
Setting aside the obvious answers (phone, laptop, Kindle), the most useful item is probably my crossword puzzle book. It keeps me occupied for hours on the plane.

What’s your most treasured item?
I try not to treasure items, but I do like my Rainbow sandals a lot. I’ve been wearing Rainbows ever since high school and get a new pair every few years. They function as my only pair of sandals. They wear in nicely and the leather develops a nice patina. They remind me of growing up in Southern California and going to the beach.

Which item do you use more often than you thought you would?
Ibex Indie Hoody. I wear this thing all the time. It’s 100% merino wool, so I never have to wash it.

Portable Culture Portrait: cdh

I use my Synapse 25 (Grey/Iberian) for non-business travel. The items in the photo are what I intended to pack for a 6-day trip to the American Midwest in early May 2017. The forecast ended up predicting warm weather (correctly!), so the actual pack list was a little different than what is shown in the photo. I switched out the puffy jacket for a smaller rain jacket, among other small changes.

1. Clothes (bottom left): Jeans, merino tee, merino hoodie, socks, underwear: I wear these on the plane, along with a pair of sneakers.
2. Extra clothes: Shorts, workout shorts, merino tee, workout tee, socks, underwear: these go in a Tri-Star medium packing cube in the main compartment of the S25.
3. Rainbow sandals. These go in the front “mouth” pocket of the S25.
4. Mouse and laptop charger cord. These go into a 3D packing cube in the main compartment of the S25.
5. Kindle. I put this into the elasticated flap in the main S25 compartment.
6. Laptop, crossword puzzle book, devotional. Main compartment next to the Kindle.
7. Toothbrush, small Maglite, 4-color pen, marker, case for sunglasses and prescription glasses (glasses not shown). These go into the left-side outer pocket of the S25, utilizing the pen slots, too.
8. Deodorant. I am constantly looking for this in a small travel size, but never find it. In this large format, it fits nicely in the phone sleeve inside the right-side outer pocket of the S25.
9. Small Q-Kit with small electronics stuff (USB cords, dongles, etc.). This goes into the right-side pocket of the S25.
10. Toiletries. The 3D Clear Organizer Cube with toiletries goes into the water-bottle pocket of the S25 with lots of room to spare.
11. Ear buds and ear plugs. These go into the small front pocket.
12. Jacket. Normally I would stuff this into a medium Yarn Stuff Sack and put it into the “mouth” pocket.
13. Not shown: goggles and swimsuit for lap swim. “Mouth” pocket.

Photo of everything pre-packed:
Portable Culture Portrait: cdh
1. Toiletries in 3D Clear Organizer Cube.
2. Jacket in medium Yarn Stuff Sack.
3. Swimsuit and goggles in a Baggu sack.
4. S25.
5. Small Q-Kit.
6. 3DOC with mouse and laptop charger.
7. Medium Tri-Star Packing Cube with clothes.

Photo of everything mostly packed:
Portable Culture Portrait: cdh


Jerold Harter - November 19, 2019

These are great and detailed blog entries, thank you. It would be great if the weight of at least the packed bag were listed.

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