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Photos: Synapse continues to surprise

Posted by Jon 'Geo' Camp in the TOM BIHN Forums:

"TIL (Today I Learned) just how handy those side pockets on the Synapse are, and how much attention went into their design.

After 5 months of ownership, and always taking off the backpack to access the sides (since this is how every backpack I've ever owned had been) I was thinking about the backpack and how I see everyone else here in Japan with their shouldered-bum-bags (fanny packs?) and how they just swing them over and have access.

Today I learned that by swinging the backpack under your shoulder, the side pockets are the EXACT SHAPE to pull open with one hand, grab whatever you need, and close again. Mind = BLOWN."

Read the full thread "Synapse continues to surprise".

The TOM BIHN Synapse continues to surprise

Note: the Synapse is currently backordered in all colors. Our Seattle factory is working on the next batch of Synapse and backorders are expected to ship in the next 2-3 weeks.

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